Providing supportive relationships
Cultivating friendship
Providing friendliness
Making friends
Being friendly
Promoting friendship

Developing relationships with people based on mutual affection, spiritual closeness and common interests. These relationships are often characterized by voluntariness and individual selectivity.


1. Having friends is seen by many to be important, if not necessary, to healthy individual development.

2. A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway (Jerome Cummings).

Counter Claim:

(a) Befriending is an escape into emotional dependency. (b) Befriending a great number of people may result in being close to no one. (c) Befriending is a one-on-one activity, and thus very energy consuming. (d) It is a skill that not everyone performs very well. (e) Befriending creates dependence on the part of both giver and receiver, and its cost is never clear from the beginning.

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