Engaging global-local citizenship

Nurturing in individuals a global understanding of the power framework within which each citizen has a right to participate. The effect is to allow all citizens the opportunity to participate within a global context in polity decisions.
An integral part of upholding just participation through popular creation of free assemblies disseminating information on human rights and initiating universal citizen's franchises.
Tactics include: decisional framework to spell out for citizens the different arenas of decision-making in the family, community or globe; legal boundaries to prompt or to make decisions out of a global-legal foundation; community power to orient the individual to make his 'popular' decisions out of a global context; global associations to provide for the individual the experience of associating with citizens from all world cultures; and opposition guidelines to delineate for each citizen the construct out of which dissent operates. An example would be providing for families an outline of state legislative procedures to clarify for them the opportunities for participation on a local and state level and the global effects of their decision to participate.
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Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions