Instituting global exchanges

Instituting global exchange
Providing for the assimilation and distribution of practical and theoretical information relevant to technology, labour, resources, research and culture, which will facilitate global economic cooperation. The effect is to accelerate the growth of trans-cultural grassroots consumer cooperatives, to initiate the standardization of economic principles, to foster educational methods and information projections relative to the concretions of global vocation.
An integral part of localizing cooperative participation and enabling each individual to have an equal opportunity for effective participation in the global economic process.
Tactics include: cooperative linkage to make available to every individual the opportunity to participate in the totality of the global economic process, create communication systems and common operating contexts, and implement demonstration projects that pull together the interrelatedness of business activity in every nation; technological resources to research local needs, gather and order resource data, coordinate methods with all other guilds in the cooperative network, and care for the distribution of industrial technology relative to global and local needs; labour leadership interchange to implement global standards for employment of labour forces, train individuals to image work as assignment and vocational engagement on behalf of every other man, and intensify vocational motivation by exchanging leadership throughout the global cooperative network; data system to build research skills archives and to create methods for distribution of research data throughout the global cooperative network; and transcultural exposure to open individual to global understanding globe by intentionalizing his travel and his participation in transcultural events. An example is the participation of a workman in a local cooperative linked to a global network of co-ops operated through consensus, hence an individual person actually equals the global voice.
Facilitated by:
Twinning communities
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions