Coordinating global job placement


Providing an overview of occupational exchange process to meet global needs and utilize the resources. The effect is that of creating an expanded awareness of world-wide employment possibilities.


An integral part of integrating labour capabilities through a global network of employable exchanges.


Tactics include: data gathering to ensure an ongoing research process which would serve to interpret existing and changing occupational needs and resources across the globe; job distribution to provide a world-wide labour flow to meet existing and future employment needs; resource centre to serve as a clearing-house to implement world-wide job distribution based on collected data; information transfer to provide channels of communication where collected data relevant to world-wide occupational needs and resources could be dispersed; and research storage to provide an organized collection of gathered data for easy accessebility to deal with a constant world-wide labour flow. An example is the import of equipment and men from other countries for short-term employment to meet the demands of the Canadian harvest.

The EURES network has some 500 Eurocounsellors -- specialists who helps people find work in another European country.

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Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions