Participating in planetary citizenship

Intentionalizing consciousness of global citizenship
Practicing earth patriotism
Engaging world citizenship
Internationalizing citizenship
Globalizing citizenship
1. Individuals who acquire skills in a number of languages, reside (or have resided) in a number of countries, and in general, who have many links across national boundaries, may be characterized as world citizens.

2. A network of people who care about the unity of mankind and the well-being of the planet, and who wish to remain in touch with one another as planetary citizens. Such a group has developed the use of a planetary passport and a planetary citizenship pledge.

1. On the basis of Article 13 of the [Universal Declaration of Human Rights], the World Government of World Citizens issues world documents, including [WSA World Passport] (over 250,000 issued), identity card, political asylum card, marriage certificate; press card, certificate of world citizenship, and birth certificate. Since 1953 approximately one million people have registered as World Citizens, about 350,000 of whom have had World Passports issued to them. It is reported that more than 130 countries now recognize the passport on at least a limited basis. Countries that have honoured the passports on a case-by-case basis include Austria, Australia, USA, Somalia, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Germany, Greece, italy, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Costa Rica and Taiwan.

2. Adopt-a-Planet is an project of The Council for Posterity, itself an initiative of the Institute for Social Innovations, London (UK). It involves encouraging a class in a school to adopt, on a permanent basis, a derelict or vandalized piece of land in the vicinity of the school. The pupils are asked to visualize themselves as Planetary Guardians. They design their own uniforms or T-shirts or badges. They dream up imaginative ways of improving their adoptive territory. Prizes are awarded to the best schemes.

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D: Detailed strategies
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