Raising consciousness of global culture

Achieving planetary culture
Collectivization of mankind
Forging global mindset
Planetizing mankind
Eliciting global consciousness
Evoking in masses of people awareness of the unity of the peoples of the Earth, their interdependence, and the dynamic interrelationship between people and the rest of the environment. Eliciting consciousness of global experiences in order to enable the creation of a global mindset for reflective preparation prior to a global experience by raising questions of what should be looked for.
An integral part of grounding decisions historically to give a temporal and world-wide framework for the individual's decisional relationships to life.
Tactics include: global celebrations to give each person an opportunity to participate symbolically in different cultures through meals, dances and decor; encounter interpretation to create an in-depth reflecting on experiences with others through the use of art forms, solitary writings, etc; cultural characteristics to interpret the stories, time designs and social patterns of the peoples of the globe; journey preparation to provide the traveller with the necessary mindset and knowledge of the culture before departure; cultural exchange to develop exchange dynamics between members of different cultures in order to experience another culture first-hand. An example is a businessman's personal itinerary and research agenda created corporately prior to his company's sending him out.
Counter Claim:
While there is a growing planetary consciousness the counter trend is that of localization and both trends must be combined to be effective.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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