Introducing universal core curriculum

Teaching world core curriculum
Teaching a curriculum designed to help the birth of a peaceful, happy and fulfilled human civilization through focusing on four areas of human and planetary life: Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe; Our Human Family; Our Place in Time; and The Miracle of Individual Human Life.
The universal core curriculum is being used by the Robert Muller School in Arlington, texas and a number of other schools in countries as diverse as Mexico and Russia. The four core curriculum areas are linked also to UN agencies, providing information as to which agency will be concerned with each aspect of human or planetary life.
Some cosmic force or law or God or Creator in the Universe has put in the human species certain objectives, functions, expectations and destinations. Humanity has become the manager of the planet, a cosmic agent, a very advanced phenomenon in the universe. The next great evolutionary task is to ascertain what this cosmic or divine pattern is and to prepare for it the right global institutions, people, values, guidelines, laws, philosophy, politics and ethics.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality Education