Building unity from diversity

Creating synthesis of diversity
Embodying unity in diversity
Creating an organized whole that is integrated through its basic ideas or common features which are scattered throughout a diversity of forms. For example, interlinked analogous principles are accepted in widely different and seemingly heterogeneous fields, and in otherwise divisive ideologies and political systems, such as "all men are equal" or the set of maxims (variously expressed in each culture) meaning to "treat your neighbour as yourself" or "behave as you would want others to behave".
In art, a principle that aesthetic value or beauty depends on the fusion of various elements into an organic whole which produces a single impression.
Every nation, great and small (with the minorities given equal and proportionate rights) should pursue its own individual culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to it, but each and all should develop the realization that they are organic parts of one corporate whole and that they must contribute to that whole all they have and are. Only in this way can a truly global culture be created, one which sounds the note of unity-in-diversity, which is the totality of cultural diversity rather than cultural unanimity of different societies.
Industry Construction
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B: Basic universal strategies
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GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure