Dramatizing world inter-relatedness

Dramatizing global community
Demonstrating the fact that, in terms of basic humanness, each individual is related to all others on the globe. The effect is particularly evident in economic decisions.
An integral part of demonstrating community service to motivate the individual to assume global responsibility.
Tactics include: presenting international programmes of art, music, theatre and allied arts which demonstrate intentionality; promoting visits to areas with particular ethnic music, restaurants, decor and other special features, in or near the individual's own community; instigating geo-social research into the individual's own area for a wider awareness of its variety of nationalities, cultures and needs; two-way exchange visits of musical, athletic, religious, educational and other cultural groups; and promoting cultural festivals where local groups of various cultures celebrate their own heritages, both to preserve them and to allow their appreciation by others.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies