Achieving universal justice

Supporting justice
Fostering justice
Attaining global social justice
Assuring political justice
Ensuring social justice
Pursuing economic justice

Achieve social, economic and political justice and equal access to resources and opportunities for men and women on the local, national, regional and international levels.


Members of the United Nations have pledged, through the Charter, to take separate and joint social action to promote higher standards of living, full employment and conditions of economic and social progress and development. In accordance with the United Nations Declaration on Social Progress and Development, these are to be founded on respect for the dignity and value of the human person and shall ensure the promotion of human rights and social justice. The UN has called upon governments to take concepts of social justice as a basis for the preparation of their national development plans and programmes, giving priority to endeavouring to solve problems relating to employment, education, health care, nutrition, housing, social welfare and the raising of standards of living.


The UN has recognized social justice is one of the most important goals of social progress.

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F: Exceptional strategies
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