human value


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Related Problems:
Travel restrictions
Undiversified tax base
Felonious restraint
Restrictive clothing
Dietary restrictions
Restrictive practices
Complex government regulations
Unbalanced social life
Restrictive legislation
Non-recognition of foreign governments
Restrictions on freedom
Limited leisure time
Restriction of abortion
Ownership as a basis for land allocation
Restrictive social groups
Restrictive communication
Distortionary tax systems
Restrictive business practices relating to publicity
Unchecked crab damage to crops
Restrictions on emigration
Ineffective delivery of basic human resource services
Violation of property rights
Restriction of arms supply
Restrictive border controls
Limited availability of loans
Restrictive legal practices
Restrictions on immigration
Price fixing
Restrictive social practices
Structural rigidities in labour markets
Domestic market restrictions
Restrictive medical practices
Foreign exchange restrictions
Restricted women's activities
Restrictive shipping practices
Restrictive business practices
Restrictive religious practices
Protectionism in agriculture and the food production industries
Inaccessible market and supply centres
Ineffective means for goods supply and distribution
Restrictive scientific practices
Restrictions on use of personnel
Patent abuse
Restricted flow of local economy
Suspension of rights during states of emergency
Restrictive trade union practices
Restrictive environmental policies
Restrictive professional practices
Denial of freedom of thought
Restrictions on freedom of worship
Restrictive macro-economic policies
Restrictions imposed on foreign aid
Restricted growth in export markets
Maldistribution of water
Restricted scope of local employment
Restriction of social life to family
Restriction of freedom of expression
Restrictions on international freedom of information
Restrictive social policies
Prevention of the exchange of ideas
Restrictions against small enterprise
Anti-trust corporate behaviour
Restriction of wild animal range size
Restrictions on technology adaptations
Restrictions on freedom of information
Inaccessible religious records
Restrictive regulation of nuclear power
Denial of rights of businesses
Restrictions on employment of foreigners
Denial of sexual freedom
Restrictive transport insurance practices
Prohibitive administrative overhead costs for aid
Restrictive trade practices
Geographically undefined community limits
Restrictive agreements on product standards
Institutionalization of the disabled
Restrictive commercialization of definitions
Restrictive channels of cultural interchange
Restrictive practices favouring the investor
Restricted opportunity for community activity
Restrictions on news coverage of legal affairs
Restrictive influence of religion on the masses
Overemphasis on self-sufficiency with respect to interdependence
Excessive restrictions to legalizing medications
Restriction of access to news distribution media
Restrictive patterns of tradition-bound lifestyle
Discrimination between countries on the legal age of consent
Restrictions on the sharing of technical research
Undemocratic policy-making
Technological monoculture
Accusing channels for dialogue of being restrictive
Restrictions on technology research and development
Restrictive practices in trade in manufactured goods
Inequitable use of medical resources
Limited availability of investment capital for urban renewal
Restrictions on freedom of movement among countries
Restriction of indigenous populations to reservations
Restrictive trade union policies concerning employment
Restrictive effects of external capital on development
Restrictions on foreign access to capital bond markets
Commercial disregard of social responsibility
Restrictions on direct news coverage of parliamentary affairs
Restriction of funding for research on social problems
Ineffective regulation of restrictive business practices
Trade barriers against developing countries
Government limitations
Discrimination against homosexuals in the military
Underdevelopment of manufacturing industries
Conflict of laws on international restriction of information
Economic inefficiency
Over-centralization of global decision-making
Restriction of educational opportunities in capitalist systems
Ineffectiveness of tradition-bound small business methods
Restrictions on passage through straits and interoceanic canals
Restrictive effects of tradition-bound community decision-making
Lack of opportunities for practical training in communities
Restriction of outer space benefits to a limited number of countries
Restrictions on the distribution of confidential government information
Policy cross-conditionality restrictions in multilateral development aid
Restrictions on international freedom of movement for national advantage
Inadequate regulation of restrictive business practices in service industries
Ineffective monitoring of restrictive business practices due to inadequate regulation
Restriction on press coverage of legal affairs
Restrictive business practices limiting challenges to validity
Restriction of free market competition by transnational corporations
Restrictions on nationals returning to their country
Restricted extra-curricular activities
Restricted union entry
Uncertain land zoning
Restrictive practices of transnational banks
Discriminatory operation of international commodity exchanges
Unbalanced family diets
Restrictions on foreigners leaving country of sojourn
Restrictive business practices in relation to patents and trademarks
Restrictive practices in the beverages and tobacco trade
Restrictive trade practices in animal and vegetable oils and fats
Restrictive share practices
Tidal restrictions on transportation
Restrictions on recognition of nationality
Restrictive practices in the food and live animals trade
Restrictions on nationals leaving their own country
Denial of health insurance to genetic groups
Distortion of international trade by restrictive customs valuation practices
Restricted higher education
Restricted beach use
Restricted dairy regulation
Restrictive practices in trade in pharmaceutical products
Monopolization of agricultural genetic resources
Instability of fishing industry
Inadequate planning restrictions
Restricted delivery of essential services to rural communities
Road traffic restrictions
Restrictive practices in cargo airline services
Restrictive practices in trade in chemicals
Denial of right to collective bargaining
Premature marriage
Restrictive preschool fees
Insufficient operating capital
Restrictive practices in trade in machinery and transport equipment
Insufficient apprenticeship opportunities
Restricted access of parents to children after divorce
Unfair restrictions on membership in international organizations
Restrictive regulations for disposal of nuclear waste
Restrictive transnational corporation control of bulk shipping
Trade restrictions due to voluntary export restraints
Restrictions on private economic expansion
Discrimination against transnational banks
Low athletics priority
Domination of restrictive project loans by transnational banks
Inaccessible commercial and financial services
Restrictive land ordinances
Restricted land choices
Distortion of international trade by restrictive controls on movement of labour
Inadequate transportation facilities for rural communities
Restrictions on market access
Tying of supplies to subsidiaries by transnational enterprises
Inadequate cash flow
Extraterritorial application of restrictive business practices legislation
Environment policy as restriction on trade
Violation of the right to organize trade unions in government services
Restrictive regulations for training
Restrictive pricing policies of transnational corporations
Domestic bias in the regulation of restrictive business practices
Direct foreign investment by transnational enterprises as a restrictive business practice
Distortion of international trade by embargoes
Unnecessary restraint of elderly patients
Restrictive community size
Restrictive building codes in urban areas
Organ transplantation taboo
Government restriction on exports
Unreasonable licensing restrictions
Restricted family options
Restrictions on freedom of movement within countries
Inadequate hygiene restrictions on carcass meat exports
Restricted decision-making
Restrictive control of marketing and distribution channels by transnational corporations
Restrictions on export activity due to licensing arrangements
Restrictive business practices in technology transactions
Restrictive store space
Restrictive practices in mineral fuels trade
Restrictive business practices of transnational corporations
Restrictive cross-licensing agreements
Repudiation of complementary medicine
Restricted shopping news
Restrictions on eligibility for government programmes
Restricted availability of temporary employment
Limiting of responsibility to the personal
Confining home duties
Denial of right to recognition as a person before the law
Restricted farming alternatives
Unavailability of building sites
Variable river channel
Restricted state support of the family
Inadequate regulation of the restrictive business practices of state enterprises
Restrictive market divisions by transnational corporations
Restrictive logging regulations
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values