Maldistribution of water

Other Names:
Uneven distribution of water
Abusive restrictions on use of water
Inequitable right of access to water
Privately owned water
Inequitable marketing of water rights

There are many natural constraints to access to freshwater, such as the uneven distribution of water in different regions, and the variable effects of weather.


Urban water use statistics usually combine the richest and poorest residents in a single average which disguises the daily reality of the poor majority in large slums who lack reasonable access to safe water. For their small share of water, the urban poor pay an unfair price, usually at least four and sometimes as much as ten times more per litre than the metered rates of those living in the elite residential areas.

Broader Problems:
Maldistribution of resources
Narrower Problems:
Privitization of water
Related Problems:
Conflicting uses of water
Problem Type:
D: Detailed problems
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