human value


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Decline in government expenditure
Inadequate government control of military
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Military government
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Misuse of government surveillance of communications
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Endorsement of false government claims
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Crimes against the integrity and effectiveness of government operations
Ghost employees
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Government student agitators
Progressive reduction in government action commitment
Misuse of electronic surveillance by governments
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Mediocrity of government leaders
Government complicity in environmental abuse
Sex scandals
Counterfeit money and government securities
Withholding of information
Arrears in financial payments between government agencies
Improper collusion among officials
Arbitrary government charges
Government misrepresentation of human rights abuses
Decline in government social programmes
Discrimination in public services
Concealed government subsidies
Government loan defaults
Trafficking in government benefit coupons
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Politicization of public service
Inflexible deliberative systems of government
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Vulnerability of government to lobbying
Unresponsive public authorities
Inaccessible government plans
Token humanitarian intervention
Secret laws
Legal absurdities
Government hypocrisy
Government complicity in illegal activities
Unjust allocation of government contracts
Government dependence on alcohol tax revenue
Inappropriate taxation
Crimes against national security
Inflexible central government
Frustrated talent in government posts
Internationally wrongful acts by government
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism between national government agencies
Misuse of nonprofit associations as front organizations by government
Abusive distribution of political patronage
Destabilization of governments
Unfamiliar government procedures
Grant fraud
Government bias in wage bargaining
Denial of right to participate in government
Overdependence on government
Lack of governmental support
Arrears in payment of government financial commitments
Ineffectual government bluster
Unstable government
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Decline in public sector savings
Underpaid civil servants
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Covert smear campaigns by government
Inadequate government
State sanctioned torture
Unlawful compensation for assistance in government matters
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Conflict between government and the news media
Government insensitivity
Eminent domain
Restrictions on the distribution of confidential government information
Inaccessible government agencies
National public debt
Decline in government health expenditure
Proliferation of public sector institutions
Unjustified punitive measures by government authorities
Abuse of state immunity
Inappropriate government intervention in agriculture
Dependence of government revenue on substance abuse
Rape by military personnel
Abuse in government policy
Denial of right to hold public office
Unethical practices of relatives of leaders
Excessive government control
Obstruction of government function
Minorities unrecognized by government
Uncoordinated government policy-making
Government dependence on tobacco tax revenue
Distortion of international trade by discriminatory government and private procurement policies
Government manipulation of public information
Undue military influence
Government harassment of human rights activists
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Disloyalty to government
Incapacity of government reserves in relation to currency transactions
Unmanaged public coastlines
Public resentment at government policies
Government protectionism through national commodity price support
Official cover-ups
Hostilities between central and local governments
Overthrow of government
Excessive governmental spending
Failure of government to apologize for errors
Underutilized government resources
Government misuse of personal records
Dependence of government revenue on inappropriate policies
Language discrimination in politics
Violation of the right to organize trade unions in government services
Misuse of business enterprises as front organizations by government
Fear of officialdom
Distortion of international trade by state-trading and government monopoly practices
Second class states
Inadequate government publications
Unconstitutional activity
Government resistance to institutional change
Decline in government expenditure on primary education
Government action against regimes with alternative policies
Blackmail by government officials
Biased government information
Unchecked power of government bureaucracy
Government restriction on exports
Abdication of government ministerial control
Underpayment of government officials
Drug abuse by government officials
Criticism of official institutions
Government barriers to international trade in services
Cultivation of illegal drugs
Tenuous government liaison
Government sanctioned killing
Complicity with evil
Abusive deregulation
State-supported international terrorism
Government refusal to accept the jurisdiction of international courts of justice
Abuse of influence
Antagonism between government agencies and officials
Decline in government expenditure on education
Lack of government initiative
Deliberate ignorance during policy-making
Restrictions on eligibility for government programmes
Broken government promises
Neglect of environmental consequences of government policies
Governmental incompetence
Taxation deductions promoting unsustainable development
Extraterritorial abduction
Unaccountability of institutions degrading the environment
Excessive accumulation of wealth by government leaders
Government failure to meet commitments
Crimes against government and public property
Lack of a world government
Government propaganda
Unbridled competition among government agencies
Government trainee drain
Indecisive multilateralism
Unclear official directives
Avoidance of legal obligations by politicians
Overdependence on government subsidies
Government complacency
Dependence of government income on products dangerous to health
Political scandal
Lost child labour due to government laws
Government opposition to population control
Government delaying tactics
Cooptation of private sector initiatives by government
Elitist ruling classes
Government imposition of rural cooperative projects
Shortage of funds for research
Complexity of government assistance
Government procedural backlog
Inefficient mobilization of government revenue
Incitement to violence
Leadership impaired by illness
Civil disobedience
Disaster unpreparedness
Protesting unsound public spending
Government financing of nongovernmental organizations
Government forcing of economic development
Strengthening local governments
Integrating economic issues in all government decision-making
Converting outmoded public buildings
Developing codes of conduct for public servants
Campaigning for world parliament
Improving cooperation among the scientific community, government and public on the environment
Developing sustainable policy for public procurement
Bringing government closer to the people
Removing government subsidies
Regulating government activities
Considering the environment when planning government spending
Reducing government corruption
Reducing government regulations
Investing in health
Restricting financial support for unsound development
Preparing earth constitution
Decentralizing government health services
Using local government management of common property resources
Reducing government expenditure on tertiary health facilities
Providing enterprise grants
Reallocating government spending on health
Increasing government regulations
Reorienting government policies
Supporting local government with information
Establishing transparency agencies
Increasing government / industry cooperation on waste minimization
Enhancing village/government dialogue
Complementing private investment with public investment
Strengthening government administrative and financial systems
Decentralizing government activities
Reducing government secrecy
Coordinating government action
Eliminating arrears among government agencies
Providing education on hazardous waste management in government and industry
Rationalizing government economic management
Providing government forums on public issues
Strengthening role of local government for democracy
Monitoring management and sale of government property
Monitoring government policymaking for national environmental action plans
Integrating national energy efficiency policy
Outsourcing government regulatory responsibilities
Developing government/industry covenants to control transboundary air pollution
Redesigning government
Privatizing municipal services
Imposing voluntary system of cryptography
Questioning government environmental policy
Developing government/industry voluntary agreements to control transboundary air pollution
Combining public and private sector resources in biodiversity conservation
Strengthening role of women in local government
Increasing local autonomy of government biodiversity conservation programmes
Ensuring government assistance to religious authorities
Keeping private losses private
Discerning possible government support
Opening government dialogue
Informing multi-levelled government officials
Contacting relevant government agencies
Providing social security services
Fulfilling government road plan
Localizing state government contacts
Maintaining regular government contacts
Ensuring basic functional government approaches
Learning practical government approaches
Quickening individual conviction to corporate governance
Honouring public property managed by government agency
Empowering government leader
Exposing historical necessity for democratic government
Articulating representative decision
Developing fair system of government
Supporting government costs
Lobbying politicians
Satisfying existing government standards
Issuing currency
Securing government subsidies
Developing historic cohesion of government
Soliciting government financial aid
Visiting government education department
Petitioning township government loan
Delivering available government programs
Holding government accountable
Learning required government procedures
Setting limits to government authority
Obtaining necessary government assistance
Broadening decisional scope of government
Fostering necessary government relations
Coordinating external government relations
Agreeing executive authority for implementation of collective will
Ensuring adequate local government services
Constructing government housing
Establishing government liaison system
Obtaining effective government liaison
Providing regulatory mechanisms of government
Questioning previous government action
Demanding political balance
Establishing global governmental responsibility
Corrupting government officials
Neglecting local government
Reporting negligence by government
Reporting negligence in local government
Obstructing government function
Prosecuting offences against government
Undermining government opposition to private initiative
Undermining government opposition to population control
Updating institutional structures for local government
Spending government income
Relieving government paralysis
Relieving democratic government paralysis
Simplifying government regulations
Requiring active government
Distrusting government
Addressing government failure to mobilize support against problems
Reducing amount of government propaganda
Increasing government commitment to multilateralism
Increasing government action commitment
Reducing government commitment to multilateralism
Reducing government action commitment
Increasing access to government
Protesting government policies
Resisting government
Undermining resistance to government
Restricting government ability to undertake new initiatives
Restricting distribution of confidential government information
Exposing scandal in government
Exposing local government scandal
Covering-up scandal in government
Covering-up local government scandal
Maintaining official secrecy
Making secret government agency agreements
Maintaining government secrecy concerning nuclear weapons testing
Exposing secret government agency agreements
Exposing government secrecy concerning nuclear weapons testing
Increasing amount of qualified government officials
Auditing government contracts
Reducing susceptibility of electorate to government lying
Exposing government treachery
Authorizing expenditure of government funds
Checking power of government bureaucracy
Managing communities
Coordinating government policy-making
Condemning government support for undemocratic regimes
Abolishing unethical practices of government
Abolishing unethical practices in local government
Combating fraud against governments
Abolishing unethical behaviour by government leaders
Preventing unlawful government
Paying back government loans
Improving popularity of government leaders
Regulating labour market
Regulating local government
Reporting government spending
Structuring local government in small communities
Reducing vilification by government
Monitoring government involvement in human rights violations
Reducing state-supported violence against citizens
Protecting against vulnerability of government to lobbying
Improving strength of governance
Honouring government financial commitments
Throwing out government
Removing government barriers to international trade in services
Bribing government officers
Breaking government promises
Simplifying government bureaucracy
Providing government subsidies
Constraining government
Corrupting government leaders
Controlling government covert operations
Exposing government links to organized crime
Financing local government
Practicing official deception
Monitoring decline in government expenditure
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Balancing national budget
Borrowing by government
Denying right to participate in government for women
Using dirty tricks politics
Disclosing illness of government leaders
Revitalizing government
Exposing government dishonesty
Adhering to government orders
Responding to legitimate protests by government
Distorting international trade as a result of government participation
Dominating civilian government
Dominating government policy-making
Using government power
Developing government policy
Using local government authority
Reducing delay in government reimbursements
Reducing government delay in response to symptoms of problems
Preventing government equivocation
Ensuring government apologize for errors
Denying government responsibility for errors
Reducing waiting times in government facilities
Economizing on use of government resources
Developing government intelligence services
Endorsing government claims
Discrediting false government claims
Strengthening role of village government for rural development
Providing government contracts
Taking government action against regimes with hostile policies
Engaging in illegal government practices
Taking illegal government action
Administering government practices
Taking government action
Unbalancing government revenue and expenditure
Exposing immoral public policy
Imposing government abortions
Challenging government impotence
Improving government publications
Improving financing by local government
Improving government control of military
Improving public utilities in urban areas
Improving public utilities in urban areas
Improving government supervision of contracts
Improving financial reporting in the public sector
Spending by government
Making coherent government policy
Ensuring competent government
Increasing effectiveness of government
Using government bluster
Creating educational policy
Controlling government finances
Controlling government finances
Developing government competence
Condemning sexual infidelity of government rulers
Ignoring sexual infidelity of government rulers
Providing flexible central government
Ensuring just allocation of government contracts
Increasing environmental sensitivity within government policies
Condemning government insincerity
Stabilizing governments
Increasing government funding of research
Using government intervention
Protesting excessive government interference
Protesting government interference in the national economy
Intervening in government of another country
Resisting foreign government intervention
Resisting government intervention in society
Resisting government intervention in the private sector
Claiming government intimidation
Claiming intimidation of public officials
Providing world government
Abstaining from world government
Abstaining from world government
Providing sufficient transparency in government
Lying in the government interest
Limiting government support
Preserving confidence in government leaders
Preserving government ability to adapt
Providing government leadership role in world affairs
Improving administration of local government
Challenging mediocrity of government leaders
Appropriating machinery of government by elites
Correcting government misconduct
Prosecuting government misconduct
Reprimanding misconduct in local government office
Correcting government mismanagement
Formulating domestic macroeconomic policies
Correcting mistaken identification of government with people
Improving efficiency of government monopolies
Investigating government sanctioned murder
Developing training materials for government
Regionalizing government authorities
Improving national policies
Developing corporate governance within business
Supporting government research
Creating democratic government
Developing training materials for local government
Influencing government policy
Assisting professional local government administrators
Improving management skills of senior government officials
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values