Rape by military personnel

Other Names:
Crimes of war against women
Wartime rape
Rape by military police
Government use of rape as a weapon
Sexual violence against children by soldiers
Rape of civilians by soldiers

In 1993, a United Nations study reported that Serbia had used rape as a weapon of terror in the war in Bosnia, although the number of provable cases of rape (3,000) was substantially lower than an earlier estimates of between 10,000 and 60,000. Muslim women were raped as part of the campaign of ethnic cleansing to drive them from their homes in order to seize their land. Soldiers were either encouraged to commit rape by their officers or were punished for not doing so.

In the fighting in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, teenagers were deliberately raped to force them to bear the enemy's children.

One out of every two women arrested by the military in the Philippines is forced to undress. Among those arrested, 14% were slapped, boxed or severely mauled. Another 14% were harassed and threatened with rape or death.

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