Government intimidation of governments

Other Names:
Threats by governments against governments
Government bullying of foreign governments
Superpower pushiness
Government dictation of terms to other governments
International bullying

Following the dissolution of the USSR, Russia criticized the tendency of the USA to dictate its terms, notably towards Yugoslavia and Iraq, but specifically with respect to the sale of Russian arms to India. In the early 1990's, the US and UK governments were accused of unjustly intimidating Libyan officials for the bombing over Lockerbie, when both Syria and Iran were suspected accomplices. Some critics suggested that Syria and Iran avoided intimidation with the promise of releasing several western hostages.

Narrower Problems:
Political hostage-taking
Related Problems:
Disruptive foreign influence
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong InstitutionsGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
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D: Detailed problems
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