Broken government promises

Other Names:
Broken election promises
Unrealistic election promises
Extravagant political promises
Broken government pledges
Breach of administrative pledges
Government reneging on public pledges
US President Clinton warned of the dangers of climate change in 1993, on his first Earth Day in office. In fact, he solemnly promised to make sure that America produced no more greenhouse gases in 2000 than it had in 1990. But he did not keep his word. The USA United States will emit 15 percent more carbon dioxide in 2000 than it did in 1990. In a report to the United Nations explaining why it did not keep its promise, the US State Department cited as its first two reasons "lower-than-expected fuel prices" and "strong economic growth." The simple explanation is that to keep the promise the USA would need to raise the price of fossil fuel. If gasoline cost twice as much, Americans would drive smaller cars, drive electric cars, take buses -- and elect a new President.
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