Strengthening role of local government for democracy


The Local Governance Learning Network Trust (LOGON) is an initiative that links some 25 Southern African local governments in a process of shared learning. This process is intensively supported by specialists in the field and the lessons are widely disseminated so that all local governments can benefit. The aim is to build the potential of local governments to find the best solutions to the challenges of democracy, development and organizational change for their organization and community. In particular, LOGON seeks to enhance the capacity for learning and leadership in local government. South Africa's constitution gives local government a vital role as an instrument of democracy and development.

For the first time in Bolivian history, with the passage of the 1994 Popular Participation Law, single district congressional representatives were elected and took office in 1997. The National Electoral Court purchased and distributed equipment used during the election and worked with local counterparts to draft the regulations for the new election law. Local governments developed municipal action plans describing how they will use the co-participation funds they receive from the central government. At the same time the Bolivian National Congress established permanent, nonpartisan, bicameral legislative support services through the Congressional Research Center (CICON).

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F: Exceptional strategies
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions