human value


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Related Problems:
Claiming false credit for actions
Overemphasis on self-sufficiency with respect to interdependence
Academic self-promotion
Inhibited self-promotion
Unbridled individualism
Capitalist speculation
Self-destructive government policy-making
Inane conversation
Self-interested industrial vision
Self absorption of political leaders
Self-interested manipulation of timing
Culturally conditioned self-gratification
Self-interested government foreign policies
Nationalistically determined development of natural resources
Exploitation of misery by media celebrities
Decline in public interest broadcasting
Absorption of rural communities
Dissatisfaction with skin colour
Production serving false consumption needs
Decline in educational standards
Differences in national economic interest
Irresponsible tobacco and cigarette advertising
Divided loyalty
Unrecognized value of training
Conflict of interest in medical doctors
Discrimination against women in divorce rights
Absorption of manpower resources by military activities
High interest rates
Lack of international coordination of interest rates
Conflict of duties
Consumer dissatisfaction
Market indicators' exclusion of human requirements
Discrimination against unattractive animals
Absence of facilities for satisfaction
Market research subservient to sales
Excessive portrayal of substance abuse in the media
Discontented marriages
Unequal promotion
Starving for attention
Rescheduling foreign debts at market-related interest rates
Conflict of interest among parliamentarians
Promotion of negative images of opponents
Lack of job satisfaction
Minimal export promotion by transnational corporations
Lack of appreciation for nuclear weapons
Commercially sponsored health education
Limited merchandising interest
Exclusive promotion of excellence
Disrelated needs and promotion in marketing
Low bank interest rates
Bogus public interest groups
Excessive portrayal of crime in the media
Inadequate absorption of iron
Glorification of primitive cultures
Inadequate export marketing of products
Inadequate appreciation of culture
Culture of violence
Confining home duties
Glorification of the past
Conflict of interest among governments
Minimal family interest of urban life styles
Irregular payments of international financial obligations
Unrecognized importance of organization
Conflicts of interest
Pursuit of personal prestige
Glorification of war
Electoral organization favouring political incumbents
Serving as a focal point
Cultivating appreciation of cultural heritage
Searching for meaning
Providing low-interest loans
Strengthening role of workers and trade unions
Cooperating to tackle environmental problems
Seeking immortality
Focusing on programmes serving multiple demographic and sustainable development goals
Locating information
Promoting public understanding of public interest
Promotion of rights of indigenous tribal workers
Conducting research on areas of special importance for marine living resources
Adopting planning approaches serving multiple goals
Using import protection as export promotion
Supporting people with AIDS
Providing for ageing people
Seeking agreement
Serving as information clearinghouse
Seeking condemnation through UN resolutions
Promoting export promotion
Informing public about importance of protecting urban water quality
Strengthening capability of developing countries in export promotion
Managing people-centred development
Managing interest rate risk
Capitalizing interest
Using music for promotion of human rights
Freeing interest rates
Searching for truth
Serving rural women
Supporting medical engineers
Advancing optics research
Sharing professional interest in colour
Undertaking people-centred development
Providing women's health centres managed by women
Enabling programme satisfaction
Serving two masters
Enabling service satisfaction
Restoring unity among Christians
Seeking spiritual insight
Studying birds
Seeking national consensus on capacity building strategies for implementing Agenda 21
Collecting objects of interest
Ensuring right of NGOs to initiate legal action to protect the public interest
Involving relevant interest groups in identifying priorities for capacity building strategies
Serving nutritional seniors' meals
Starting special interest clubs
Serving nutritious model meals
Providing a forum
Providing broadened cultural awareness
Introducing employment seeking methods
Introducing employment seeking methods
Cultivating common history appreciation
Seeking outside capital investment
Publicizing local products nationally
Seeking asylum
Providing the poor with services
Serving existing social groups
Providing community information centre
Seeking favourable bulk-rate prices
Promoting mutual appreciation of cultures
Enhancing ethnic tradition appreciation
Engaging interested senior citizens
Eliciting broad political interest
Gathering willing community residents
Conducting public interest forums
Seeking competent specific input
Stimulating local purchase interest
Developing neighbouring communities' interest
Obtaining low interest loans
Distributing graphic promotion
Mobilizing extensive promotion forms
Seeking industrial income possibilities
Maintaining sales promotion
Seeking confidential advice of personal advisors
Gathering cultural advisors
Seeking confidential advice of dissidents
Highlighting special interest spots
Seeking external fiscal counsel
Coordinating international interest rates
Gathering economic advisors
Attracting growing outside interest
Creating local community consensus
Seeking advice of respected teachers
Gathering political advisors
Displaying special interest programmes
Providing daily mail service
Accommodating diversified interest groups
Seeking necessary financial assistance
Using press coverage in place of advertising
Launching town commerce promotion
Serving external project funding
Promoting local marketing ventures
Hosting special community visitors
Assimilating interpretation of social guidelines
Accelerating extensive community promotion
Providing channel for appreciation of life's meanings
Sustaining ongoing development promotion
Devising promotion impact
Forming special interest groups
Maximizing effective town promotion
Initiating special interest education
Supporting essential citizen mobility
Providing special interest activities
Disseminating favourable public image
Seeking advice
Seeking wise counsel
Reminding of importance of common rites
Providing basic needs
Fulfilling purposeful vocation
Providing auxiliary services by the old to the young
Developing awareness of community services
Generating volunteer service roles
Catalyzing community promotion network
Holding interest group seminars
Perceiving importance of sacred objects
Demonstrating importance of style
Recognizing importance of organization
Creating meaning
Seeking oblivion
Being concerned with sex
Being concerned with computers
Being concerned with books
Being concerned with novelty
Being concerned with efficiency
Being concerned with celebrities
Being on a diet
Being concerned
Being concerned with procreation
Being concerned with immediate problems
Expressing concerned with health
Being concerned with personal attractiveness
Emphasizing activity
Relying on economic interest groups
Focusing on modernism
Seeking global consensus
Charging interest
Broadcasting in the public interest
Seeking seclusion
Segregating interest groups
Reducing segregation of interest groups
Deepening understanding of cultural differences
Cultivating trivia
Improving interest in farm work
Seeking family consensus
Providing fair promotion of women
Seeking fashionable personal appearance
Seeking sexual fulfilment
Seeking unsophistication
Controlling interest rates
Activating interest in politics
Stimulating future interest for the elderly
Serving in the military
Seeking danger
Seeking agreement within alliances
Seeking wisdom from the past
Reducing discrimination against those seeking election
Taking advantage of voter disillusionment
Stimulating interest in social processes
Stimulating worker interest in production
Invoking national interest
Serving public interest
Defining national interest
Acknowledging roles of both pure and applied science
Reducing interest rates
Increasing interest rates
Designing products that serve real needs
Seeking legal opinion
Seeking foreign aid
Seeking happiness
Improving satisfaction from sexual intercourse
Assisting those with hearing difficulties
Seeking security
Reducing sexual inequality in job promotion
Preserving sexual inequality in job promotion
Reducing unequal development in the promotion of health
Ensuring remembrance of past injustice
Improving community promotion
Providing sufficient satisfaction
Abstaining from satisfaction
Providing sufficient job satisfaction
Abstaining from job satisfaction
Abstaining from appreciation of cultural differences
Abstaining from coordination of interest rates
Lying in the government interest
Lying in the medical patient's interest
Lying in the nation's interest
Lying in professional interest
Seeking relief
Encouraging interested veterinary students
Seeking assistance
Expanding appreciation of music
Serving Jesus Christ
Enhancing professional relationships of accountants
Stressing importance of partnership in families
Accelerating promotion of women
Studying human palaeontology
Serving muslim youth
Developing musical appreciation
Stimulating interest among young collectors
Serving civil servants
Promoting translators
Seeking justice
Serving professionals dealing with environmental protection
Seeking innovations
Advancing manipulative therapists
Developing programming promotion
Networking among interested health agencies
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values