Other Names:
Social boasting
Sexual oneupmanship
Boasting may take a well-recognized verbal form or it may be achieved more subtly through display of symbols of power, wealth, honours or other achievements. It tends to contain elements of bluffing opponents or rivals as well as joy in seeing oneself reflected in the mirror of one's own praise. When true it is carefully edited but easily develops into lying. Boasting may thus provide a disguise for inaction, when boasting about an action is easier than undertaking that action in reality.
In its most calamitous form, social boasting, the escalation of claims and counter-claims between rivals is the pattern which underlies the arms race and efforts to maintain and reinforce inequality. In situations characterized by corruption, boasting of licentiousness (as during the Restoration) exacerbates the phenomenon.
Boasting is a misuse and perversion of the true range and greatness of human capacities. It may constitute a direct attempt to surprise and corrupt the moral judgement into a false verdict and as such has been one of the greatest defences of a debased and impenitent conscience.
Counter Claim:
Boasting may be said to have been the original force behind literature and many songs. Self-praise may not be honourable, but it may be extremely profitable if done well. It may be distasteful, but it better than doing something worthwhile and achieving no recognition for it at all.
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