Demonstrating importance of style

Creating consciousness regarding the importance of style. The effect is power and significance in every area of the social process.
An integral part of demonstrating community service to motivate the individual to assume global responsibility.

Style is one or more characteristics in behaviour, or in artistic execution that identify an individual, a creator or an origin. Expressions such as, hallmark or trademark are used metaphorically of consistent stylist traits. The term is applied to clothing fashions and designs of other consumer and industrial products. In cultural history a particular epoch may give its name to a style, [eg] Gothic Style. Thus a style may be identified by common features in things, or by their creation and use in a particular place or during a particular period.

Tactics include: providing concrete, visual representations and images of the life-styles of the future; emphasizing the need for careful forethought and structured planning for maximum impact in conversations, visits and celebrations; focusing on the impact of imaginative decor and symbols upon the local community; exploring the effects of restructuring the time schedule or rearranging and re-utilizing living space; and presenting new possibilities in the area of style to local communities.
Design Patterns
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D: Detailed strategies