Collecting objects of interest

Making collections
International Map Collectors' Society
European Collectors and Modellers Association
International Association of Collectors of Slag Minerals
International Society of Antique Scale Collectors
Association of Delegates of the Professional Organizations of Producers and Collectors of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the EC
Coca-Cola Collectors Club International
International Society of Reply Coupons Collectors
International Ammunition Association
Commemorative Collectors Society
Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association
Chess Collectors International
Sand Collectors International
Stein Collectors International
World Proof Numismatic Association
International Newspaper Collector's Club
Zippy Collectors Club International
Automobile License Plate Collectors Association
World Paper Currency Collectors
Key Collectors International
International Sand Collectors Society
International Bus Collectors Club
On the Lighter Side - International Lighter Collectors
Scandinavian Collectors Club
International Club for Collectors of Hatpins and Hatpin Holders
International Barbie Doll Collectors Club
Official Jan and Dean Authorized International Collectors' Club
Business Card Collectors International
European Sugar Packet Collectors Club
Thimble Collectors International
International Association of Jazz Record Collectors
International Society of Bible Collectors
International Nippon Collectors Club
International Breweriana Collectors' Society
Flow Blue International Collectors Club
International Wood Collectors Society
International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors
World Airline Historical Society
International Society of Guatemala Collectors
Pipe Collectors International
Telephone Collectors International
Collectors of Unusual Data International
World's Fair Collectors Society
International Pin Collectors Club
Smurf Collector's Club International
International Railroad and Transportation Postcard Collectors Club
International Plate Collectors Guild
International Barbed Wire Collectors Association
International Brick Collectors' Association
Kit Collectors International
International Society of Animal License Collectors
European Coca-Cola Collectors
Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association International
International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors
International Coin and Stamp Collectors Society
Universal Autograph Collectors Club
Mauchline Ware Collectors Club International
Torquay Pottery Collectors' Society
Crowncap Collectors Society International
International Scientific Collectors Association
Coca-Cola Collectors Club Europe
International Blade Collectors
International Willow Collectors
International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association
International Perfume Bottle Association
International Association of Silver Art Collectors
Arcade Collectors International
Belleek Collectors' International Society
International Association of Calculator Collectors
Ashtray Collectors Club International
International Association of Commercial Collectors
International Netsuke Society
International Sugar Packet Collectors Club
Clay Pipe Collectors Circle International
Swarovski Collectors Society
Australasian Telephone Collectors Society
Benelux Pen Collectors' Association, Brussels
International Association of Drip-Mat and Label Collectors
International Society of Military Collectors
Information Collections
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