human value


Providing low-interest loans
Promoting public understanding of public interest
Managing interest rate risk
Capitalizing interest
Freeing interest rates
Sharing professional interest in colour
Collecting objects of interest
Ensuring right of NGOs to initiate legal action to protect the public interest
Involving relevant interest groups in identifying priorities for capacity building strategies
Starting special interest clubs
Seeking outside capital investment
Eliciting broad political interest
Conducting public interest forums
Stimulating local purchase interest
Developing neighbouring communities' interest
Obtaining low interest loans
Highlighting special interest spots
Coordinating international interest rates
Attracting growing outside interest
Displaying special interest programmes
Accommodating diversified interest groups
Using press coverage in place of advertising
Forming special interest groups
Initiating special interest education
Providing special interest activities
Holding interest group seminars
Relying on economic interest groups
Charging interest
Broadcasting in the public interest
Segregating interest groups
Reducing segregation of interest groups
Improving interest in farm work
Controlling interest rates
Activating interest in politics
Stimulating future interest for the elderly
Stimulating interest in social processes
Stimulating worker interest in production
Invoking national interest
Serving public interest
Defining national interest
Acknowledging roles of both pure and applied science
Reducing interest rates
Increasing interest rates
Abstaining from coordination of interest rates
Lying in the government interest
Lying in the medical patient's interest
Lying in the nation's interest
Lying in professional interest
Stimulating interest among young collectors
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values