Collecting soil
Collecting water
Collecting books
Collecting wastes
Collecting rubbish
Maintaining library
Developing gemology
Collecting research
Monitoring fisheries
Collecting specimens
Researching tsunamis
Monitoring irrigation
Collecting trade data
Providing census data
Collecting information
Collecting recyclables
Collecting information
Collecting old stories
Servicing blood donors
Collecting settlements
Holding medical library
Collecting strange facts
Collecting data on water
Researching oral history
Collecting global wisdom
Collecting research data
Collecting organic waste
Collecting property taxes
Collecting postage stamps
Collecting drug abuse data
Collecting ecological data
Collecting drug information
Collecting discarded objects
Collecting books sustainably
Recycling nutrients in urine
Recycling beverage containers
Collecting literature on rice
Collecting environmental data
Collecting objects of interest
Undertaking historical studies
Collecting private enterprises
Collecting meteorological data
Collecting industry statistics
Collecting housing user charges
Collecting audiovisual materials
Collecting children's literature
Collecting scientific information
Collecting bibliographic materials
Reducing pollution of orbital space
Extending effective business advice
Collecting technological information
Monitoring status of forest resources
Collecting gender-sensitive indicators
Collecting interesting reading material
Collecting printing machinery statistics
Collecting printing machinery statistics
Collecting data on alternative livelihoods
Facilitating collection of geophysical data
Collecting international health service data
Collecting data on rural energy supply patterns
Improving data and information to combat poverty
Improving facilities for collecting hydrological data
Collecting data on state of ecosystems and human health
Collecting statistical data on financing external surpluses
Collecting sustainable development data for national planning
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Establishing port facilities for collecting residues from ships
Improving cooperation among agencies collecting hydrological data
Collecting data for sustainable development planning in small islands
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Collecting, assessing and publishing information on indigenous knowledge for sustainable development
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies