Advancing research
Advancing studies
Furthering research
Carrying out research
Undertaking research
Conducting research
Developing research
Expanding research
Seeking new knowledge

Comprehensive and systematic collection and analysis of data. Also promulgation of a related hypothesis or theory and its demonstration or proof by publication or by implementation of practical applications.


Research is synonymous with scientific method. It is the mental activity preceding and leading to discovery.


Counter Claim:

Research projects have not the capacity to deal with non-recurring phenomena.

Studying trauma
Researching men
Researching silk
Researching work
Researching twins
Researching teams
Researching music
Studying terrorism
Researching advice
Researching groups
Researching pectin
Researching causes
Researching housing
Researching studies
Researching results
Researching systems
Researching genocide
Researching seminars
Researching policies
Researching strategy
Researching students
Researching marriage
Researching councils
Researching families
Researching resources
Researching leukaemia
Researching libraries
Researching scoliosis
Researching morbidity
Researching parasites
Researching radiation
Researching transport
Researching musicology
Researching strategies
Researching management
Researching techniques
Researching safeguards
Researching institutes
Researching situations
Fighting dracunculosis
Researching information
Researching fellowships
Researching initiatives
Researching epistemology
Researching competitions
Researching institutions
Researching orientations
Researching homelessness
Researching crop hazards
Researching prostitution
Researching fuelwood use
Researching policy makers
Researching documentation
Researching co-dependence
Researching local sources
Researching gender issues
Researching value systems
Researching programme aims
Studying hearing disorders
Researching male sexuality
Researching aircraft noise
Researching osteoarthrology
Researching infrastructures
Researching mortality rates
Researching psychic science
Researching among physicians
Researching infant mortality
Diversifying energy research
Expanding research on plants
Researching policy management
Researching local anaesthesia
Researching criminal insanity
Researching social injustices
Researching foundation support
Researching coastal ecosystems
Researching among universities
Researching economic inflation
Researching criminal sex rings
Researching accident proneness
Researching aircraft licensing
Researching addiction to drugs
Researching innovative activity
Researching advisory assistance
Researching educational choices
Anticipating new power patterns
Researching maternal/child care
Researching concerning psoriasis
Applying environmental chemistry
Researching concerning pace maker
Researching arbitration practices
Researching educational standards
Classifying dangerous occupations
Researching scientific cooperation
Researching opportunistic diseases
Researching international politics
Researching ecophysiology pollution
Researching damaging food and drink
Researching causes of male sterility
Researching projects related with cocoa
Researching effective delivery programs
Researching effects of poor time-keeping
Researching intellectual property rights
Conducting aeronautics and space research
Reducing sterility of rental accommodation
Researching decline in testosterone activity
Researching effects of poor money management
Researching perinatal morbidity and mortality
Researching causes of sterile business districts
Disclosing limited control of national economies
Researching effects of poor sanitation facilities
Researching to create awareness of common destiny
Researching economic implications of militarization
Researching negative effects of communications media
Researching unsociable human physiological processes
Researching deficiencies in the criminal justice system
Researching effects of abandoning the poor to their fate
Researching relationship between employment and social life
Researching destabilizing effects of international capital mobility
Researching role of non-governmental organizations in international environmental governance
Researching conspiracy culture
Researching futures
Studying leadership
Supporting research
Investigating oceans
Researching diseases
Researching literacy
Researching phonetics
Researching road safety
Researching development
Collecting research data
Studying research survey
Assisting women studying
Undertaking Asian studies
Evaluating family planning
Developing nuclear science
Researching women's studies
Understanding genetic errors
Researching family structure
Researching higher education
Observing Earth's atmosphere
Researching soil infertility
Researching natural resources
Developing integrated research
Researching human intelligence
Undertaking historical studies
Advancing geophysical research
Developing integrative studies
Studying development regression
Advocating poverty by religions
Studying communications methods
Analysing human system dynamics
Researching states of emergency
Undertaking research on land use
Monitoring contraceptive failure
Researching juvenile delinquency
Researching public sector reform
Researching regulatory priorities
Researching global security issues
Researching causes of human sterility
Researching human-animal interactions
Expanding research on mountain ecosystems
Researching armament - petroleum coalition
Linking scientists studying social insects
Studying conservation of forest ecosystems
Improving viability of nuclear power plants
Undertaking research on indoor air pollution
Using research as a cover for illegal activity
Researching bilateral relations of small states
Researching effects of poor housing construction
Researching nuisance organisms in drinking water
Assessing links between demographic factors and sustainability
Expanding research and methodologies to control communicable diseases
Expanding research and methodologies to meet primary health care needs
Undertaking research on health effects of increasing ultraviolet radiation
Making geological analyses of potential mineral resources
Researching priorities
Researching priorities
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal