human value


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Related Problems:
Offensive humour
Inappropriate loans
Unavailability of appropriate expertise
Unavailability of appropriate expertise
Inappropriate clothing
Inappropriate attitude
Inappropriate taxation
Inappropriate policies
Ineffective dialogue
Inappropriate ambitions
Inappropriate arguments
Inappropriate education
Inappropriate investment
Offensive advertising
Insufficient role models
Inappropriate assumptions
Defective land use planning
Inadequate credit policies
Inadequate personal hygiene
Distortionary tax systems
Incompatibility of environmental and economic decision-making
Inappropriate personal habits
Inappropriate transport policy
Disruptive daylight saving
Inappropriate cash crop policy
Absence of rites of passage
Socially inappropriate housing
Uncontrolled industrialization
Inappropriate funding priorities
Inappropriate development policy
Obsolete educational values
Inappropriate foreign investment
Inadequate sanitation infrastructure
Unethical personnel practices
Use of inappropriate technologies
White-collar crime
Overuse of chemicals to control pests
Inappropriate uncontrolled markets
Excessive prolongation of the dying process
Ineffective educational policy decisions
Inadequate maintenance equipment
Inappropriate employment incentives
Inappropriate education of graduates
Inappropriate transfer of technology
Inadequate packaging of agricultural products
Excessive government control
Policy shock
Ineffectiveness of foreign aid
Inappropriate understanding of progress
Undervaluation of asset replacement costs
Inappropriate use of financial resources
Inappropriate reliance on representatives
Inappropriate local administrative organization
Excessive use of land for agriculture
Deforestation of mountainous regions
Inappropriate modernization of agriculture
Inappropriate public spending by government
Inappropriate design of development projects
Inconclusiveness of scientific and medical tests
Inappropriate emphasis on prestige technology
Inadequate corporate governance
Inappropriate institutionalized reward systems
Technological underdevelopment
Environmental hazards of empolderment of wetlands
Politicization of health standards
Inappropriate application of traditional values
Inappropriate use of telecommunications services
Inappropriate management of development projects
Scientific explanations of phenomena
Commemoration of dishonourable historical events
Inefficiencies of federalism among states
Outdated production line methods
Misapplication of research results
Inappropriate use of innovative management techniques
Inappropriate projection of values onto other cultures
Inadequate models of socio-economic development
Economic dependence upon socially undesirable activities
Inappropriate industrialization in developing countries
Misappropriation of resources for high cost research projects
Failure to adapt general initiatives to specific needs
Ill-considered missionary activity
Inappropriate selection and examination procedures in education
Inadequacies of the international monetary system
Stigmatization of manual labour
Reinforcement of inappropriate development by privileged classes
Inappropriate assumption of reality articulation through language
Inappropriate taxation of not-for-profit and philanthropic charitable organizations
Scarcity of appropriate transport
Denial of a proper death
Failure to profit from patterns of history
Alienating public housing
Inadequacy of available knowledge for articulation of appropriate policies
Inappropriate school lunches
Unavailability of appropriate building
Misuse of small arms
Inappropriate role learning
Inability of countries to adopt appropriate exchange rate policies
Unethical Internet practices
Inappropriateness of policy based on rational choice
Inappropriate training for structural and technological changes
Abuse of health welfare benefits
Insufficient energy equipment
Inappropriate use of the mail service
Inappropriate substitution of artificial products
Incorrect labelling
Underutilized community facilities
Failure of methods to appropriate data
Inappropriate generalization of cross-species research
Lack of appropriate language to describe female experience
Denial of right to freedom of religion of indigenous peoples
Failure to repatriate human remains
Construction of inappropriate tourist resort complexes
Inappropriate use of low frequency acoustic sound
Inappropriate innuendo
Inappropriate government intervention in agriculture
Militarization of drug war
Lack of appropriate education for children of immigrants
Ignorance of women concerning primary health care
Inadequate study environment
Lack of appropriate international tribunal
Codeine abuse
Dependence of government revenue on inappropriate policies
Inappropriate working hours for structural and technological changes
Unknown appropriate designs
Excessive student-teacher ratio
Inappropriate food aid
Inappropriate accommodations for single people
Acquisition of inappropriate equipment
Panic disorder
Needless incarceration
Inappropriate agricultural subsidies for chemicalized farming
Inappropriate tree plantations
Policy vacuum
Inappropriate irrigation schemes
Inappropriate crop selection
Inappropriate generalization of research results across generations
Prescription of inappropriate drugs
Inadequate packaging of food products
Increasing crop diversity
Greening development aid
Protesting unsound public spending
Creating appropriate transport systems
Promoting appropriate national information policies
Making appropriate use of bio-fertilizer in national programmes
Strengthening local capacity to adapt appropriate technologies
Improving sanitation for the poor
Providing access to appropriate technology
Managing land use
Applying ethical considerations during biotechnology transfer
Developing effective policies
Promoting appropriate investment in research and development
Using appropriate standards and communication protocols for electronic communication on the environment
Using appropriate infrastructure technologies for housing
Using appropriate farm technologies
Managing water supplies
Using traditional methods for water pollution control
Decentralizing decisions to the lowest appropriate level
Developing appropriate methods for identifying hazardous wastes
Developing international environmental law
Defining appropriate management framework for fish stocks in international waters
Adopting appropriate water treatment technology
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Establishing public access networks
Developing appropriate water management technology
Developing appropriate water management technology
Determining appropriate family size
Providing appropriate fish nourishment
Expanding appropriate retail services
Increasing available housing options
Structuring courting customs
Acquiring appropriate working equipment
Designating appropriate classroom space
Determining appropriate pairing procedures
Delineating duties appropriate to station
Demonstrating appropriate common methods
Enticing new commercial investment
Soliciting appropriate agency support
Applying appropriate law
Writing appropriate grant applications
Defining rights appropriate to station
Supporting appropriate sewage disposal
Teaching appropriate citizen skills
Building appropriate living space
Assuring appropriate recovery mode
Determining possible patterns of expression
Using appropriate soil additives
Offering home arts classes
Finding appropriate commercial outlets
Establishing new small industries
Channelling appropriate information flow
Acquiring appropriate technical expertise
Specifying appropriate production enterprises
Setting appropriate fashion for consumption of goods and services
Changing basic covenantal understandings
Imposing context for judicial procedure
Upholding authentic judgements
Requiring relevance in information acquisition
Selecting appropriate behaviour in the young
Evaluating relevance of language forms
Authorizing particular usages of language
Employing appropriate technology
Developing local light industry
Increasing amount of time for policy making
Using moral inappropriateness
Using inappropriate fiscal policies
Agreeing on appropriate statistic methods
Delegating sustainable development to appropriate level
Debating foreign policy
Improving agroforestry
Improving drought control through appropriate technology
Accommodating the handicapped
Improving national supply of appropriate trained manpower
Improving available knowledge for articulation of appropriate policies
Considering moral appropriateness
Taxing socially inappropriate products
Providing sufficient expert knowledge
Providing sufficient appropriate language to describe female experience
Commercializing appropriate technology
Establishing appropriate cooperative research
Exchanging appropriate technology
Developing appropriate technology
Developing appropriate educational research
Exploring appropriate methodologies
Building housing
Facilitating appropriate business in developing countries
Providing appropriate training
Developing appropriate health technologies
Disseminating technology
Providing technical assistance
Developing land
Establishing appropriate health care industry standards
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values