human value


Related Problems:
Resignation to permanent joblessness
Heat stress at work
Lead as a health hazard at work
Excessive work-related travel
Excessive hours of work
Refusal of work permits
Cold as an occupational hazard
Limited image of employability
Dehumanizing working conditions
Violation of dignity of human work
Declining local businesses
Worktime limits to education
Unorganized work methods
Costly uniforms
Declining agricultural work
Dependence on unpaid female labour
Inadequate conditions of work in the construction industry
Incapacity from work
Avoidance of work
Work practices requiring women to lift heavy loads
Limited opportunities for significant work
Unregulated outdoor work
Social isolation of computer users
Substance abuse at work
Underworked staff
Inadequate conditions of work and employment of public service personnel
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Shift work stress as an occupational hazard
Unfocused health work
Combined stresses as occupational hazards
Unfruitful relationship between work and society
Insecurity of changing patterns of work
Denial of equal benefits to elderly workers
Job fatigue
Disruption of work schedule due to computerization
Ineffective university faculty members
Work addiction
Work-place theft
Difficulty of youth transition from school to work
Unavailability of casual jobs
Lack of payment for housework
Increasing pace of life
Gender stereotyping of employment
Lack of job satisfaction
Alienation from work
Lack of child care for working parents
Health hazards of computer monitor screens
Lack of returnee jobs
Inaccessible job market
Shifting site of employment
Denial of right of equal pay for equal work
Dirty occupations
Cardiac conditions in work environment
Denial of right to minimum work age
Denial of right to work
Increasing job monotony
Inadequate conditions of work in the textile industry
Denial of right to free choice of work
Smoking in work places
Deregulated labour market
Inadequate conditions of work and employment in utility supply services
Concentration of national governments activity on national affairs
Undesirable temporary work
Drug abuse at work
Evasion of work
Inadequate conditions of work of agricultural workers
Inadequate conditions of work in the hotel and catering industries
Depression at work
Inhibited field work
Heavy manual work
Night work
Loss of the significance of work
Attractiveness of overseas work
Irregular working hours
Inadequate living and working conditions of immigrant labourers
Hazards to young people at work
Unpredictable work schedule
Lack of discipline in work
Occupational diseases
Farm-bound labour force
Violence in the work place
Inequality of employment opportunity
Combatting sexual harassment in the workplace
Guaranteeing minimum wage
Guaranteeing minimum wage
Promoting observance of international labour standards
Supporting participation of women in work force
Controlling employee absenteeism
Creating meaningful work
Reducing work stress
Reviewing work
Operating temporary work business
Protecting right to work
Reconciling professional and family life
Including unpaid productive work in satellite national accounts
Negotiating flexible remuneration for work
Redefining work
Prohibiting smoking in public places
Eliminating abusive child labour
Preventing drug taking at work
Issuing work permits
Adapting work to an ageing workforce
Developing new approaches to work
Increasing income
Initiating new work
Conducting a periodic review of United Nations system efforts to integrate environment and development
Gaining work permit
Negotiating remuneration for labour
Negotiating remuneration for labour
Decreasing travel to workplace
Strengthening shelter sector
Using food-for-work programmes
Rationalizing work force
Coordinating activities
Researching clerical work
Providing excuses at work
Providing sufficient work
Providing information service on work
Adapting productive work to the needs of the person
Providing new work opportunities for women
Validating women's work
Developing work place smoking policies
Implementing work reform
Financing socially useful work
Promoting worker health
Preventing drug and alcohol misuse in the work place
Reintegrating work, play and learning
Promoting a spirituality of work
Using animals
Integrating value of women's unpaid work in resource accounting systems
Establishing joint trade union/employer policies for the work environment
Determining work tasks priorities
Scheduling ongoing repair work
Enabling productive work scheme
Broadening work force
Focusing volunteer work efforts
Maximizing massive work power
Creating comprehensive work project
Organizing regular work projects
Organizing regular work projects
Devising work study plans
Organizing special work projects
Facilitating daily work competence
Facilitating daily work competence
Encouraging team work opportunities
Demonstrating special work projects
Creating effective work forces
Equipping community work force
Providing work structure
Upgrading work force effectivity
Establishing practical work experiences
Enhancing available work positions
Encouraging expressive art work
Enabling new work opportunities
Intentionalizing work day participation
Creating year round work
Instigating outside work projects
Designing work efficiency evaluations
Assigning neighbourhood work tasks
Orchestrating day's work assignments
Evaluating minimum compensation for work
Administering employment patterns
Initiating industrial work experience
Assuring available work
Creating corporate care events
Providing accessible work
Regulating worker safety
Evaluating flexible wage scales
Designing job descriptions
Designing work orientation programmes
Demonstrating modern work practices
Delimiting work forces
Conducting periodic cleanup work
Forming worker organizations
Training for jobs
Enlisting work force
Organizing corporate work efforts
Developing corporate work force
Catalyzing community work projects
Organizing community task forces
Organizing regular work days
Scheduling volunteer work projects
Conducting staff audit
Engaging community work forces
Implementing community planning structures
Establishing assembly products industry
Utilizing volunteer task forces
Organizing systematic work forces
Forming residential work corps
Staging inclusive work days
Staging scheduled work events
Catalyzing corporate work days
Forming inclusive work groups
Requiring natural resources for work
Providing basic work skills
Cultivating new employable skills
Providing information on labour availability
Demanding equitable conditions of work
Requiring quality of technical work
Researching work
Providing work force organization
Generating employment
Providing work force
Establishing working standards
Safeguarding adequate livelihood
Ensuring full employment
Developing attitudes of service in work
Enhancing scientific and technological research
Neglecting work
Lightening female workload
Laying out work premises
Expanding employment images
Holding work protests
Rejecting possibility of work
Accepting possibility of work
Using cheap construction
Improving interest in farm work
Enhancing local businesses
Declaring employment
Creating fruitful relationship between work and society
Improving working environment
Promoting work ethic
Developing apathy to work
Avoiding work
Air conditioning offices
Changing work
Denying right to work
Denying right to reasonable work hours
Denying right of equal pay for equal work
Denying right to favourable work conditions
Using compulsory labour
Improving work experience
Working hard
Reducing work demands
Stabilizing availability of work
Using seasonal fluctuations in work
Looking for work
Providing work
Unbalancing international quality of working life
Paying for work
Improving work incentives
Decreasing job monotony
Avoiding work injuries
Stabilizing labour force
Increasing land vehicles
Improving acoustical treatment in workplaces
Abstaining from skilled work
Providing sufficient discipline in work
Abstaining from discipline in work
Abstaining from work force mobility
Abstaining from skilled work in rural areas
Preserving significance of work
Providing regular work
Reducing malingering
Improving conditions of immigrant labourers
Disseminating latin cinematographic work
Supporting biographical activity
Improving general practitioners work
Helping churches plan their work
Facilitating educational work
Furthering postal development work
Organizing international voluntary work camps
Coordinating research work in ecumenical theology
Organizing work camps
Creating artistic work
Developing work planning
Managing developmental work
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values