Preventing drug and alcohol misuse in the work place

Drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace can be a huge drain on industry and commerce. The economic costs in terms of loss of productivity, poor performance and absenteeism are considerable. Neither can we ignore the human costs, such as strain on employees and their families or the effects of violence in the workplace.

Research carried out by the University of Strathclyde in Scotland has indicated that alcohol-related problems have both a social and a financial cost for companies. These include: reduced productivity; increased absenteeism; low staff morale; poor customer relations; and problems of health and safety. Companies may also face problems in handling industrial relations if they do not have a clear policy.

The UK Government's strategy on substance misuse in the workplace aims to: encourage employers to adopt drug and alcohol misuse policies in line with the health and safety guidelines; reduce levels of drug-related absenteeism and dismissals from work, and, look at the underlying causes behind substance misuse, such as stress.
Misusing alcohol
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