human value


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Related Problems:
Animal abnormalities
Physically handicapped children
Congenital abnormalities
Deformation of plant life
Diseases of the digestive system
Animal malformation in factory farming
Mutilation and deformation of the human body
Lack of facilities for severely deformed people
Deliberate deformation of children's bodies
Commercialization of knowledge
Lack of traffic information
Restrictions on freedom of information
Uncommunicative technical documentation
Congenital upper limb anomalies
Proliferation and duplication of United Nations information systems
Regional protectionism
Suppression of information
Limited job information
Insufficient flow of information
Fragmentation of international documentation
Inadequate statistical information on tourism
Cumbersome methods of policy formation
Insufficient information on plants
Calculated delays in releasing controversial news items
Congenital anomalies of spine
Lack of family planning information
Prohibitive cost of knowledge and information
Loss of information
Unknown alcohol information
Unavailability of agricultural information
Information gap
Withholding of information
Angular limb deformities of foals
Inadequate information concerning transnational banks
Vulnerability of encryption codes
Crimes related to national security information
Classified public information
Foetal malformation in diabetic pregnancies
Calculated delay in publication of documents
Proliferation and duplication of international information systems
Flexion deformities
Medical deception
Inadequate data
Increasing scepticism about the accuracy of official information
Theft of trade secrets
Lack of medical information
Limited availability of functional information
Inadequate information on banking
Selective information
Misrepresentation of information to consumers
Congenital syndromes affecting multiple systems
Lack of accurate maps
Unavailability of legal information
Reduced information distribution
Unused animal resources
Incomplete access to information resources
Inadequate information on funding needs
Jurisdictional conflict among academic disciplines
Incomplete skills information
Restrictions on the distribution of confidential government information
Conflict of information
Violation of medical confidentiality
Irrelevant available information
Hegemony of visual information
Conflict of laws on international restriction of information
Hoarding of information
Minimal access to necessary information in remote areas
Inadequate exchange of technical information concerning problems
Malformation of cervix
Government manipulation of public information
Breakdown in communications due to difference in training
Unpublicized educational possibilities
Unavailability of funding information
Human birth defects
Mishandling of national security information
Unauthorized access to computer information systems
Psychogenic amnesia
Unaccountable management of public information
Defence information uncertainty
Abuse of rights of criminal suspects
Disorders of placenta
Suppression of scientific information
Failure to appear as witness to produce information or to be sworn
Informational and procedural obstacles to world trade
Biased government information
Denial of the right to receive information
Obsolete information
Procrastination of science in the face of the unexplained
Unwillingness to divulge information by industrial concerns
Secrecy about pharmaceutical products
Lack of financial information systems for international nongovernmental organizations
Sanitizing of governmental information
Congenital anomalies of ribcage
Proliferation and duplication of international nongovernmental organization information systems
Information overload during control of complex equipment
Inaccessible public records
Unauthorized circulation of confidential information
Information anxiety
Suppression of information in educational institutions
Excessive neutrality of intergovernmental official information
Unrecorded knowledge
Inadequate public information concerning problems
Misleading accounting information due to inflation
Inaccessibility of knowledge
Discriminatory design of information systems
Monopolization of information within organizations
Photochemical oxidant formation
Inadequate information on drugs
Lack of information
Elitist public information
Information technology arms race
Inadequate cartographic skills
Prohibitive cost of maintaining comprehensive document collections
Abuse of computer systems
Creating advisory bodies on public information for sustainable development
Providing information and services to young people
Informing on agricultural developments
Accessing online information
Shifting from energy- to information-intensive societies
Producing information leaflets
Developing information technology
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Developing networked documentation services in social sciences
Maintaining futures library
Publicizing family planning methods
Gathering transport data
Providing marine information system
Documenting world resources
Exchanging information on women's issues
Maintaining library
Providing information service to members
Strengthening cooperation in the social sciences
Monitoring food security
Providing information about forest resources
Facilitating collection of geophysical data
Disseminating land use information
Improving regional demographic information
Processing data
Disseminating information on international organizations
Exchanging information on participatory planning of land resources
Creating geographic information systems
Mapping topographic information
Guaranteeing reporting rights of media
Exchanging information on alternative livelihoods
Exchanging information on safe handling and risk management for biotechnology
Remote sensing by satellite
Strengthening research cooperation and exchange of information on demographic change
Improving data and information to combat poverty
Displacing manpower with information technology
Providing public information on impacts of pesticides
Improving forest information systems
Locating information
Including research results in national multisectoral information bases
Training information professionals
Promoting appropriate national information policies
Improving access to information for the handicapped
Providing health information and education to vulnerable groups
Monitoring status of forest resources
Establishing trade information points
Increasing information exchange on marine and coastal issues
Strengthening network of national information exchange centres on chemicals
Providing public information and education on reproduction and health
Cataloguing information
Promoting progress and application of information systems
Expanding labour market information systems on environmental job and training opportunities
Improving information on vocational training
Transferring information for sustainable resources use in construction
Disseminating information on organic pesticides
Facilitating access to biotechnology information
Developing guidelines on information technologies for developing countries
Improving international exchange of information on water management technology
Providing public information on the benefits and risks of technology
Exchanging information on national use of economic instruments
Providing public information on rural energy problems
Creating information exchange networks to improve urban health
Supporting regional transfer of chemical safety information
Posting declamatory information
Ensuring freedom of association for workers
Improving business information
Training professionals in computer information systems
Accessing biological collections
Mapping information
Providing environmental information systems
Publishing information
Constructing integrated information system
Exchanging information on marine pollution causes
Providing information on marine environment legislation
Providing public information on sustainable development in coastal zones
Organizing information
Compiling information on indigenous land resource conservation
Disseminating information on remedial strategies
Developing system of information networks
Exchanging information on coastal areas
Establishing international information system on pesticides
Providing technological information for better use of forest products
Sharing information about inland aquatic resources
Disseminating information on human values
Providing public information on disaster resistant building materials
Setting communication standards
Establishing information exchange networks on alternative forms of agriculture
Disseminating information on international labour standards
Providing public information on integrated plant nutrient programmes
Disseminating information on world problems
Expanding international information exchange
Improving data on aid flows
Ensuring information system integrity
Registering information
Providing public information on effects of biotechnology
Managing news
Expanding public information on protection of the atmosphere
Undertaking public information campaigns on environmental impact of urban transportation
Disseminating technological information
Developing and sharing health care information and expertise
Assessing socio-cultural impact of communication technologies
Disseminating environmental information
Educating public health
Developing a global crime prevention information system
Using information technology for education
Facilitating international information exchanges on urban transportation
Improving information for decision making on the environment
Transferring fishing technology to local communities
Suppressing information feedback
Providing public information on chemical safety
Limiting freedom of information
Improving developing countries' access to international information systems on chemicals
Improving exchange of information to avoid international environmental disputes
Exchanging information on illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Providing technology and training for local environmental information services
Serving as information clearinghouse
Recognizing information role of intergovernmental institutions
Disseminating information on agroforestry
Securing chemical data from industry for assessing potential risks
Developing mechanisms for efficient and harmonized environmental information exchange
Maintaining science library
Expanding public information on cleaner production
Strengthening national centres for information exchange on toxic chemicals
Increasing public information in water resource planning
Linking different environmental information electronic networks
Using school children as community focal points for environmental information
Developing community detection of traffic in hazardous wastes
Increasing information exchange on low cost sanitation
Setting up information systems to detect illegal traffic in hazardous waste
Establishing information exchange
Strengthening information networks on water quantity and quality data
Providing training on environmental information technology
Publishing information on companies which generate hazardous waste
Integrating environment performance indicators with financial information
Preaching religion
Supporting cooperative international arrangements on environmental information among countries
Improving inter-island information exchanges
Providing public information on hazardous waste issues
Developing guidelines and mechanisms for rapid transfer of environmental information technology
Providing local communities with environmental know-how
Disseminating environmental information internationally
Improving information
Improving information
Strengthening island information systems
Reporting sources of environmental information used by international organizations
Desseminating environmental news online
Preparing comprehensive catalogues of water resource information at different sources
Surveying private sector information on sustainable development
Exchanging information about environmentally sound technology
Expanding public information on waste minimization
Urging industry to publish information on their management of hazardous waste
Integrating sustainable development information
Developing databases
Improving management information
Expanding international information exchange on hazardous waste
Providing public information on improving rational use of water resources
Exchanging information on illegal transboundary movement of hazardous waste
Developing initiatives on electronic links to improve environmental information sharing
Providing public information for water users
Improving municipal management information systems
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Coordinating international sustainable development information programmes
Developing public information guidelines on chemical risks
Improving NGO access to information
Ensuring NGO access to United Nations system reports and information on UNCED follow-up
Ensuring full and open sharing of environmental information among scientists and decision-makers
Establishing information exchange between securities markets
Improving information systems on toxic chemicals
Transforming environmental information for different user groups
Exchanging information on programmes to reduce toxic chemical risk
Expanding involvement of NGOs in public information and education programmes
Improving NGO access to data and information on sustainable development
Informing governments of young people's proposals
Disseminating information on technology safety and accessibility
Improving information systems for safety control
Including youth in task forces on environmental education
Educating adults on prevention of communicable diseases
Handling vast amounts of data
Improving information systems on intellectual property
Networking information centres
Identifying sustainable technology information gaps
Studying information theory
Supporting gathering of industry information
Communicating safety information
Reducing information barriers due to language differences
Providing workers with information needed to participate effectively in environmental decision-making
Supporting community waste recycling
Funding scientific information networks on the environment
Collecting data on state of ecosystems and human health
Expanding information networks on clean technology and waste minimization
Expanding information networks on clean technology and waste minimization
Compiling data on waste management
Establishing international clearing house for information on waste management and disposal
Expanding scientific information networks
Providing waste management information to global information systems
Providing public information on waste issues
Improving regional consultations and information exchange on implementing Agenda 21
Providing information on environmentally sound technology
Improving information exchange among national and international data centres and networks
Expanding information exchange among local authorities
Developing knowledge economy
Expanding international information on cleaner production
Improving NGO access to data needed for research
Providing public information on national needs for scientific and technological environmental programmes
Creating environmental monitoring and assessment systems
Assessing effectiveness of existing information systems on hazardous waste
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Disseminating information
Announcing information
Formalizing on-going information system
Publicizing international agreements
Maintaining basic information flow
Limiting information availability
Organizing information needed for development purposes
Promoting international freedom of information
Facilitating communications
Disseminating global events information
Providing total information coverage
Disseminating services information
Promoting green sourcing
Disseminating public events information
Gathering important medical information
Providing community information centre
Building dependable mass communication
Supplying public information
Improving information on employment opportunities
Compiling vital commercial information
Storing vital community information
Furnishing varied information forms
Publishing regular helpful information
Developing educational information
Disseminating industry information
Providing technical backup information
Stewarding fertile soil formation
Using available information outlets
Recording cultural information
Tapping practical information sources
Updating available services information
Making public information visible
Initiating continuous information flow
Broadening information mechanisms
Establishing community information network
Coordinating necessary information flow
Dictating specific family forms
Employing public information tools
Strengthening effective information exchange
Maximizing local information flow
Transmitting current available information
Broadening general information services
Assuring effective information flow
Stimulating neighbourhood information flow
Releasing local information channels
Supplying public information services
Ensuring continuous information flow
Strengthening information networks
Channelling appropriate information flow
Establishing comprehensive information structures
Establishing information flow on natural resources
Extending local information structures
Compiling inclusive vital information
Launching information centre
Publishing required current information
Guiding informal leadership formation
Shaping local information flow
Providing information on labour availability
Refining organization of production forces
Stimulating desire for knowledge
Presenting factual information of social value
Requiring relevance in information acquisition
Organizing data and insights
Inventing expressive formation
Communicating projection information
Developing information centers
Developing local information centers
Maintaining data bank
Exchanging cultural information
Classifying information
Globalizing information flow
Compiling socio-economic statistics
Informing about security and conflict
Exploiting information networks
Spreading data globally
Ensuring comprehensive delivery of information
Computerizing information
Ordering skills information
Providing opposition to information from other disciplines
Reducing information overload
Reducing information overload during control of complex equipment
Producing information
Studying concealment of information on the extent of poverty
Concealing information on the extent of poverty
Exchanging technical information
Addressing inadequate public information concerning problems
Reducing suppression of information concerning social problems
Reducing cost of knowledge
Providing knowledge and information
Reducing amount of information
Reducing amount of information
Restricting distribution of confidential government information
Producing official information
Maintaining secrecy of coded information
Exposing coded secret information
Using selective information
Suppressing information
Suppressing scientific information
Suppressing information concerning social problems
Suppressing information on disasters
Suppressing information by security classification
Suppressing information in educational institutions
Suppressing information in educational institutions
Suppressing information in educational institutions
Limiting availability of public information
Coordinating intergovernmental information
Providing intergovernmental information
Documenting information
Reducing disguised unemployment
Concealing information on the extent of unemployment
Publicizing educational possibilities
Using information data bases
Providing accurate civic information
Withholding information
Withholding medical information
Withholding geographical information
Withholding information on social security entitlements
Advancing information
Providing medical information
Providing geographical information
Providing information on social security entitlements
Promoting formation of national nongovernmental organizations
Studying congenital anomalies
Managing information
Concealing information
Revealing information
Using environmental labelling
Covering up human rights abuses
Simplifying methods of policy formation
Improving cartographic information
Providing facilities for severely deformed people
Healing disorders of digestive system
Killing deformed children
Killing deformed animals
Using incorrect information
Reducing dissemination of discriminatory information
Reducing discriminatory design of information systems
Reducing discriminatory formation of regional trade groupings
Disempowering with information
Distorting official news and information
Standardizing official news and information
Clarifying official news and information
Distorting corporate news and information
Clarifying corporate news and information
Insider dealing
Controlling information technology
Using information technology
Using tactical information
Ruling on restriction of information
Restricting information
Maintaining neutrality of intergovernmental official information
Reporting truthfully
Giving false information
Integrating public information
Using public information
Bridging information gap
Suppressing information concerning environmental hazards
Providing visual information
Improving information on drugs
Improving access to information
Improving information on banking
Improving information on funding needs
Improving statistical information on tourism
Improving public information concerning problems
Providing inadequate public information
Improving information concerning transnational banks
Restricting information concerning transnational banks
Improving exchange of technical information concerning problems
Improving information systems for international governmental decision-making processes
Avoiding incompatible information
Correcting information
Increasing accuracy of official information
Inflating cost of information
Informing about infringement of human rights
Providing forums for public information
Improving flow of information
Providing sufficient information
Abstaining from information
Abstaining from local information systems
Abstaining from facilities for severely deformed people
Providing public information on medicines
Abstaining from public access to information on medicines
Speeding up cultural understanding of information
Limiting access to information
Limiting job information
Limiting availability of functional information
Limiting limitations to the comprehension of international information
Freeing up human information processing capacity
Freeing up availability of functional information
Freeing up information
Freeing up comprehension of international information
Preserving information
Manipulating public information
Manipulating public information
Appropriating information
Appropriating commercial information
Using information
Using commercial information
Accumulating national security information
Informing about human rights issues
Reporting commercial information
Reporting statistics
Strengthening monopolization of information within organizations
Limiting monopolization of information within organizations
Condemning mutilation and deformation of the human body
Disseminating cooperative information
Collecting trade data
Disseminating documentary information
Evaluating toxicological information
Developing information infrastructure
Disseminating information on food additives
Networking information centres on performing arts
Providing information
Providing information on biosciences
Improving educational information services
Networking trade and development NGOs
Linking national educational information agencies
Coordinating oceanographic research
Training information personnel
Managing statistical information
Promoting information exchange
Disseminating biblical pastoral information
Networking libraries
Promoting organic farming
Using information systems
Distributing engineering information
Collecting scientific information
Collecting meteorological data
Developing information output
Compiling statistics on books
Expanding technical information services
Processing information
Supplying market information
Disseminating agricultural technological information
Exchanging toxicological information
Developing countries through information
Communicating information
Analysing information
Coordinating information systems
Exchanging military information
Establishing chemical information systems
Supporting people with deformities
Providing dental information
Collecting drug information
Promoting information
Exchanging tourist information
Disseminating technology information
Exchanging research information
Developing information network
Exchanging coffee information
Researching information
Publicizing information
Publishing scientific information
Developing national information systems
Networking administrative information
Disseminating legal information
Communicating information research
Improving telecommunications infrastructure
Exchanging surgical information
Distributing computerized information tools
Computerizing information services
Storing information
Collecting technological information
Collecting technological information
Offering contextual information
Evaluating information
Planning national fish market information
Consolidating information
Exchanging scientific knowledge
Marketing information systems
Improving flow of information among developing countries
Improving information services
Professionalizing information
Distributing sports documentation
Disseminating transport knowledge
Informing about disarmament
Developing available information services
Exchanging fisheries information
Exchanging information
Providing health information
Maintaining regional disaster information network
Supplying information
Exchanging information publications free
Providing information on insurance matters
Disseminating geothermal information
Disseminating professional information
Disseminating corrosion information
Exchanging information among police forces
Instituting information services
Housing information
Improving availability of information
Collecting environmental data
Disseminating phycological information
Promoting contacts among information brokers
Distributing specimen information
Helping monitor food aid supply
Cataloguing information services
Disseminating information on rice
Using meteorological information
Managing information resources
Facilitating exchange of information
Providing statistical information
Providing statistical information
Harmonizing international information systems
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values