Developing networked documentation services in social sciences

Supporting social science information centres
Promoting centralized collation of human resource data
Overseeing documentary services for the human sciences
Reviewing humanities infrastructures
Networking social science centres

The International Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation collects, keeps up-to-date and disseminates information on documentation services in the social sciences, including the compilation of current bibliographies and directories. It studies appropriate steps for ensuring the systematic development of such documentary instruments, advises social science bodies on questions relating to bibliography and documentation and draws up technical rules likely to improve the management of social science information, documents and databases.

The committee Social Sciences Information and Documentation FID/EI) of the International Federation for Information and Documentation is concerned with the advancement and promotion of all information and documentation services in the social sciences.

Federation for Information and Documentation (1100007289)
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (1100010946)
Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (1100032894)
ty for Rural Sociology (1100017606)
opean Social Science Data Archives (1100010844)
Rural Sociological Association (1100041823)
Federation of Data Organizations for the Social Sciences (1100025622)
Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation (1100017709)
Institute for Social Sciences, Malta (1100042636)
Development Programme (1100015730)
Coordination of Research and Documentation in Social Science for Sub-Saharan Africa (1100011039)
Office at Vienna (1100007087)
ssion Host Organisation (1100040871)
ial Science Research and Documentation for the Arab Region, Cairo (1100042025)
ration in Social Science Information and Documentation (1100005900)
nformation Network in Social Sciences (1100029586)
ing Board in Social Sciences (1100000899)
s Social Science Research Network (1100047176)
editerranean Network for the Social Sciences (1100013554)
ries Group (1100053888)
iation for Grey Literature Exploitation (1100035753)
l Science Java Network (1100057699)
Public Foundation (1100014754)
Population Fund (1100051008)
and Human Sciences Documentation Centre (1100015586)
twork Information Center, Austin TX (1100057200)
st European Network Information Center (1100046261)
Network Information Center, University of Texas (1100022256)
ty Consortium for Political and Social Research (1100021435)
Network Information Center (1100037561)
Academy at Santa Barbara (1100062390)
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G: Very Specific strategies
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