Disseminating information

Spreading information
Propagating information
Providing frequent information dissemination
Distributing information
UNESCO encourages the wider and better balanced dissemination of information, without any obstacle to freedom of expression.
Exchanging data
Maintaining data bank
Communicating safety information
Disseminating research
Exchanging information
Spreading data globally
Disseminating documents
Linking thermal analysts
Informing about HIV/AIDS
Supplying market information
Providing health information
Globalizing information flow
Supplying public information
Informing about horticulture
Providing medical information
Providing meteorological data
Informing about NGOs in cities
Exchanging scientific knowledge
Offering contextual information
Disseminating legal information
Providing sufficient information
Distributing sports documentation
Distributing specimen information
Providing architectural resources
Providing information on biosciences
Disseminating transport knowledge
Disseminating information on rice
Issuing social science information
Disseminating land use information
Distributing information on cancer
Disseminating services information
Disseminating industry information
Disseminating paediatric knowledge
Dispensing practical resource data
Publicizing family planning methods
Promoting green sourcing
Disseminating corrosion information
Informing about human rights issues
Distributing engineering information
Disseminating information on quality
Disseminating technology information
Disseminating geothermal information
Providing accurate civic information
Disseminating cooperative information
Disseminating documentary information
Disseminating bibliographic materials
Communicating data on decision-making
Informing about security and conflict
Distributing audiovisual documentation
Disseminating agricultural information
Promoting organic farming
Disseminating professional information
Disseminating phycological information
Linking users of Earth observation data
Disseminating technological information
Disseminating environmental information
Disseminating global events information
Disseminating public events information
Disseminating current local information
Disseminating current local information
Disseminating information on fertilizers
Publicizing information on ethnic issues
Providing public information on medicines
Disseminating information on human values
Disseminating information on agroforestry
Exchanging knowledge on planetary science
Distributing computerized information tools
Disseminating information on world problems
Disseminating information on aquatic issues
Disseminating information on food additives
Disseminating biblical pastoral information
Relating methods of human development
Informing about infringement of human rights
Informing about infringement of human rights
Informing about sexually transmitted diseases
Disseminating information for women and girls
Presenting factual information of social value
Disseminating information on organic pesticides
Disseminating information on the United Nations
Disseminating information on remedial strategies
Improving information systems on toxic chemicals
Exchanging information on communication research
Providing education for telecommunications sector
Creating information source for telecommunications
Disseminating information on security and conflict
Disseminating information on sustainable development
Disseminating information on global soil degradation
Disseminating scientific and technological information
Disseminating environmental information internationally
Disseminating information on international organizations
Disseminating information on international labour standards
Exchanging information about environmentally sound technology
Supporting cooperative international arrangements on environmental information among countries
Reporting statistics
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Distributing information about food
Publishing information
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies