Disseminating arts
Disseminating news
Disseminating games
Disseminating research
Disseminating new data
Disseminating knowledge
Disseminating such data
Disseminating technology
Exchanging cultural arts
Disseminating information
Disseminating bible truths
Promoting international law
Disseminating action alerts
Disseminating documentation
Disseminating global images
Disseminating holy scriptures
Disseminating oral traditions
Disseminating common heritage
Disseminating oceanic products
Disseminating economic thought
Disseminating legal information
Disseminating surgical knowledge
Disseminating information on rice
Disseminating alternative futures
Disseminating results of research
Disseminating ecological knowledge
Disseminating scientific materials
Disseminating documentary information
Disseminating toxicological knowledge
Disseminating cooperative information
Disseminating professional information
Disseminating phycological information
Disseminating archaeological knowledge
Disseminating international statistics
Disseminating international employment
Disseminating imaginal teaching methods
Disseminating imaginal teaching methods
Disseminating christian democratic ideas
Disseminating latin cinematographic work
Disseminating international studies ideas
Disseminating modern management techniques
Disseminating information on food additives
Disseminating information on aquatic issues
Disseminating information on security and conflict
Disseminating representative cultural masterpieces
Disseminating information on global soil degradation
Disseminating modern productivity knowledge techniques
Disseminating scientific and technological information
Disseminating results of scientific assessment of the environment in publicly accessible and understandable form
Providing education material
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies