Preparing reports
Writing reports
Reporting crimes
Reporting births
Reporting events
Reporting illness
Reporting threats
Reporting violence
Reporting research
Reporting problems
Reporting the news
Reviewing progress
Reporting suffering
Reporting accidents
Reporting disasters
Reporting detention
Reporting statistics
Reporting propaganda
Reporting truthfully
Reporting detentions
Reporting plagiarism
Recognizing problems
Reporting negligence
Reporting malpractice
Reporting the weather
Reporting persecution
Informing about fraud
Revealing disagreement
Predicting earthquakes
Reporting intelligence
Reporting negotiations
Making recommendations
Reporting market prices
Reporting cost overruns
Developing social audits
Giving false information
Reporting social hazards
Reporting mine disasters
Reporting highway danger
Reporting about industry
Reporting animal diseases
Reporting radiation risks
Reporting relief projects
Reporting current research
Reporting hazards to soils
Reporting marine pollution
Reporting social situation
Reporting police harassment
Reporting sexual harassment
Operating underground press
Reporting borrowers of funds
Creating programme proposals
Reporting government spending
Reviewing conservation issues
Reporting disastrous accidents
Reporting programme advantages
Reporting international issues
Reporting oceanographic cruises
Reporting legal property status
Reporting commercial information
Compiling data on waste management
Reporting misleading identification
Publicizing family planning methods
Informing about human rights issues
Researching migration to rural areas
Reporting United Nations conferences
Reporting institutional mismanagement
Reporting hazards to minority cultures
Writing appropriate grant applications
Reporting hazards to ecological systems
Reporting groundwater pollution hazards
Improving reporting of man-made diseases
Reporting income and business activities
Reporting on global environmental status
Researching respiratory distress syndrome
Reporting international movements of funds
Broadening reporting of governmental action
Formulating international accounting standards
Abstaining from transparency in public finances
Improving reliability of intelligence reporting
Reporting cooperation among intelligence agencies
Improving financial reporting in the public sector
Adopting environmental codes of conduct for business
Reporting achievement towards sustainable development
Reporting on accidental releases of radioactive materials
Reporting on key aspects of waste management and disposal
Preparing national action plans for implementing Agenda 21
Addressing contractual constraints on reporting systemic problems
Reporting routine emissions of toxic chemicals to the environment
Reporting progress on elimination of discrimination against women
Reporting national financial plan commitments to implement Agenda 21
Reporting on successful application of environmentally sound technology
Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of national shelter strategies
Reporting sources of environmental information used by international organizations
Reporting on organizational decisions and provisions to be made by Secretary-General
Establishing reporting systems on implementation of international instruments for sustainable development
Investigating mass-murder
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies