Informing people
Informing agencies
Informing students
Informing patients
Informing business
Promoting religion
Monitoring migration
Informing governments
Informing about fraud
Supplying information
Revealing information
Exchanging information
Educating in nutrition
Reinforcing life styles
Disseminating information
Informing decision-makers
Informing member churches
Informing about radiology
Informing about allergies
Promoting essential drugs
Educating about investment
Informing about rainforests
Publicizing wildlife issues
Informing about unsafe food
Informing about disarmament
Supplying public information
Informing about unsafe water
Reporting borrowers of funds
Informing about horticulture
Providing nuclear information
Reviewing conservation issues
Informing of unpleasant facts
Advocating humanitarian issues
Publishing on population issues
Networking development research
Informing everyday presentation
Classifying dangerous countries
Informing about ozone depletion
Informing about migration issues
Networking on sustainable energy
Informing about unsafe buildings
Informing on regional legislation
Informing about animal sanitation
Educating about disaster medicine
Informing about hazardous weather
Informing about built environment
Improving understanding of hygiene
Publicizing family planning methods
Describing long-term effects of war
Informing about symptoms of illness
Informing about biodiversity issues
Informing young people about the law
Encouraging scientific communication
Informing about engineered materials
Informing about groundwater resources
Informing about unsafe building areas
Informing about security and conflict
Informing on agricultural developments
Monitoring internally displaced people
Disseminating agricultural information
Informing about unsafe firearm storage
Informing about effects of nuclear war
Promoting organic farming
Informing membership about legislation
Informing through an independent press
Disseminating environmental information
Informing about sustainable agriculture
Informing about unsafe nuclear missiles
Informing production management patterns
Informing production management patterns
Informing about communicating technology
Disseminating information on agroforestry
Informing about communication technologies
Informing about global environmental change
Identifying sustainable consumption patterns
Providing information about forest resources
Informing about infringement of human rights
Informing about sexually transmitted diseases
Informing multi-levelled government officials
Providing factual basis for dispute resolution
Informing about adverse effects of vaccination
Informing about public apprehension of criminals
Informing governments of young people's proposals
Informing executive leadership of social concerns
Expanding public information on waste minimization
Informing about unsafe design of consumer products
Continuing development of collective decision making
Informing about integrated land resources management
Providing public information on effects of biotechnology
Promoting progress and application of information systems
Informing local communities about hazardous installations
Informing about techniques for the safe disposal of waste
Informing peoples, governments and intergovernmental agencies
Exchanging information to control transboundary air pollution
Giving special attention to informing women on demographic impacts
Informing public about importance of protecting urban water quality
Informing about industrial development decisions affecting transboundary air pollution
Strengthening effective information exchange
Communicating safety information
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies