human value


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Related Problems:
Underworked staff
Proliferation of information
Inappropriate use of financial resources
Excessive virtue
Unnecessary personal consumption
Personal wealth
Military atrocities
Excessive dieting
Excessive caution
Unsustainable development of forest lands
Social environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Prohibitive labour costs
Excessive exercise
Distortionary tax systems
Excessive longevity
Excessive paperwork
Excessive land usage
Underpayment for work
Excessively large families
Marginal level of family income
Excessive legalization
Excessive mechanization
Excessive alimony costs
High consumer prices
Dependence on sex
Excessive climatic cold
Chronic alcoholism
Excessive hours of work
Excessive climatic heat
Excessive climatic heat
Excess military capacity
Excessive community crime
Excessive desire for risk
Proliferation of consumer products
Excessive standardization
Excessive standardization
Increasing unsustainability of global development
Overemphasized leisure activities
Excess production capacity
Inaccessible market and supply centres
Destructive fishing methods
Excessive extralegal powers
Overuse of chemicals to control pests
Unsustainable population levels
Glorified emotionality
Obsession with personal attractiveness
Excessive government control
Excessive government control
Television addiction
Official secrecy
Excessive salaries of experts
Excessive population mobility
Human consumption of animals
External debt crisis
Conflicting styles of personal formality
Socio-economic burden of militarization
Counter-productive price supports and subsidies
Destruction of wilderness
Dependency of children
National public debt
Overdependence on government
Excessive governmental spending
Uncontrolled growth of debt
Excessive consumption of protein
Insufficient recycling of materials
Agricultural overproduction
Excessive external trade deficits
Excessive number of crop varieties
Excessively costly prestige projects
Unfair social security entitlements
Excessive use of land by automobiles
Cosmetic overweight
Excessive size of social institutions
Inappropriate loans
Excessive anxiety on overseas lending
Excessive use of land for agriculture
Excessive politicization of the media
Excessive demand for goods in capitalist systems
Excessive demand for goods in capitalist systems
Differences in sexual activity
Excessive size of metropolitan regions
Excessive growth of social expenditure
Excessive valuation of functional tasks
Resource depletion
Excessive availability of contraceptives
Excessive proliferation of medical drugs
Disadvantages of improved food production in developing countries
Disruptive religious fundamentalism
Natural resource depletion due to high-level consumption
Disruptive migration of trained personnel
Excessive price for electronic information
Excessive salaries of corporate executives
Excessive emphasis on fashionable problems
Lack of continuity among personnel of international organizations
Dispersion of local capital resources
Vulnerability of stock markets
Misuse of agricultural chemicals
Excessive confidence in prediction capacity
Excessive prolongation of the dying process
Excessive use of acronyms and abbreviations
Excessive institutionalization of education
Excessive consumption of goods and services
Unpreparedness for surplus leisure time
Excessive dispersion of community facilities
Excessive consumption of specific foodstuffs
Excessive leniency in sentencing of offenders
Media reinforcement of materialism
Overexploitation of underground water resources
Juvenile alcoholism
Unsustainable exploitation of fish resources
Excessive restrictions to legalizing medications
Excessive waiting times in government facilities
Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide
Unsustainable harvesting rates
Culture of violence
Inadequate local government financing
Excessive institutionalization of vulnerable groups
Imbalanced research activity
Excessive independence of transnational corporations
Excessive state control of communications mass media
Excessive protection of industries by customs duties
Economically inefficient regulations
Excessive accumulation of wealth by government leaders
Net outflow of capital from countries
Excessive reliance on fashionable solutions to problems
Excessive complexity of intergovernmental organizations
Inappropriate foreign investment
Excessive government intervention in the private sector
Decreasing genetic diversity of animals
Excessive expense of international athletic competitions
Excessive use of resources on expensive medical techniques
Excessive intensification of parent-child relationship
Export cartels
Excessive animal sanitary regulations in international travel
Undue political pressure
Inadequacy of economic accounting systems
Excessive neutrality of intergovernmental official information
Vulnerability of land-locked countries
Social hardships of economic reform
Politicization of international sports events
Ineffective protection of individual rights due to excessive court costs
Excessive commercial exploitation of farm animals by industrial concerns
Excessive frontier formalities in international travel
Excessive proportion of income spent on food
Excessive portrayal of terrorist activity in the media
Youthful superiority
Excessive population demands on the environment
Costly remote area allowance
Laissez-faire response pattern
Excessive financial pressure
Excessive use of steroid hormones
Excessive use of steroid hormones
Patterns of Excess disharmony of the body
Prohibitive cost of transportation
Excessive borrowing by state-controlled enterprises
Stockpiles of nuclear warfare material
Excessive parental severity
Excessive rainfall
Excessive consumption of salt
Absence of direct sunlight
Absence of direct sunlight
Excessive cost of medical drugs
Excessive child-bearing
Excessive parental defensiveness
Excessive turnover in skilled personnel
Excessive donkey vermin
Excessive dependence on computer models of complex system behaviour
Excessive human body hair
Cushing's syndrome
Excessive demands of labour
Insolvent institutions
Excessive consumption of vitamins
Excessive concentration of export markets
Declining agricultural work
Excessive salaries of international civil servants
Excessive replacement surgery
Excessive stray animal populations
Excessive bank charges
Excessive international liquidity
Health risks of alcohol consumption
Excessive exposure to radiation from consumer goods and electronic devices
Excessive duplication of products
Excessive costs of transport insurance
Excessive cost of effective prosecution of offenders
Excessive costs of inefficient port cargo-handling
Alcoholic parents
Excessive numbers of freight vehicles
Excessive consumption of spices
Excessive temporary repairs
Excessive agricultural footprint
Excessive portrayal of substance abuse in the media
Excessive regulation of television
Excessive land usage by transport systems
Excessive office space in cities
Excessive control of raw materials markets by transnational corporations
Excessive burden on the poor due to legal delays
Excessive payroll tax
Unequal income distribution between countries
Excess capacity in the shipping industry
Soil salinization
Overuse of de-icing salt
Excessive consumption of carbohydrates
Binge drinking students
Excessive exploitation of raw material reserves by transnational enterprises
Brine disposal
Excessive military usage of land
Excessive working hours
Excessive wax
Excessive customs and trade formalities
Inflated seed costs
Excessive sweating
Proliferation of advertising
Trace element imbalance in the human body
Prohibitive cost of insurance
Excessive occupational exposure to radiation
Abuse of sedation for behaviour modification
Excessive dependence of local communities on outside services
Proliferation of litigation
Excessive student-teacher ratio
Excessive wheat surpluses
Excessive consumption of resources in industrialized countries
Excessive mobility of village populations
Excessive claims for human development through sports
Excessive consumption of fats
Disorders of menstruation
Excessive employment of married women
Excessive bill-paying surcharges
Excessive corporate debt
Excessive environmental protectionism
Excessive imposition of states of emergency
Excessive commercialization of the media
Prohibitive costs for businesses
Excessive portrayal of crime in the media
Excess of western-based secretariats for international nongovernmental organizations
Needless incarceration
Excessive computer control of social processes
Excessive cost of animal protein
Media imperialism
Fluctuating agricultural products markets
Environmental hazards of decommissioned nuclear power plants
Excess breeding of dogs
Excessive cost of transferring funds across borders
Repudiation of complementary medicine
Predominance of fast food
Excessive proximity of worker housing
Long-term shortage of uranium resources
Excessive expenditure on intergovernmental organization offices
Excessive medical intervention in childbirth
Excessive reliance on infallibility of equipment
Prohibitive cost of road construction
Excessive consumption of sugar
Excessive bureaucratic requirements for welfare benefits
Human flatulence in public
Hedging in the financial futures market
Unavailability of building sites
Unskilled crop dusting
Excessive job control
Multi-car families
Prohibitive cost of maintaining comprehensive document collections
Dominance of economic motives
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values