Other Names:
Excessive equation of convictions with truth

Triumphalism, on the part of one partner in a social interaction, terminates dialogue by eliminating other partners, assuming that their inferior truths are to be subsumed by the superior truths of the first partner. Triumphalism is not simply excessive passion for the truth, rather it is the excessive equation of the convictions of one group with the truth, and any such equation is excessive.


Triumphalism, swelled by pride in possessing the truth, knows nothing of faith that is possessed by the truth. Triumphalism seeks to conquer where faith seeks to serve – also by understanding the truth by which others are possessed.


Counter Claim:

Undoubtedly one of the tendencies it displayed was to overcome what has been called triumphalism, about which there was frequent discussion during the Council. While it is right that, in accordance with the example of her Master, who is "humble in heart", the Church also should have humility as her foundation, that she should have a critical sense with regard to all that goes to make up her human character and activity, and that she should always be very demanding on herself, nevertheless criticism too should have its just limits. Otherwise it ceases to be constructive and does not reveal truth, love and thankfulness for the grace in which we become sharers principally and fully in and through the Church. Furthermore such criticism does not express an attitude of service but rather a wish to direct the opinion of others in accordance with one's own, which is at times spread abroad in too thoughtless a manner. (Papal Encyclical, Redemptor hominis, 4 March 1979).

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