Other Names:
Western provincialism
Excessive bias in favour of European and Western culture

The implicit, or explicit, assumption that European (or Euro-American) perspectives are in some way superior to those centred on other cultures or regions and as such deserves a privileged position in society and policy-making. This is sustained by the belief that Europe was the primary focal point of human history.


Eurocentrism is a specifically modern phenomenon, the roots of which go back only to the Renaissance. It did not flourish until the nineteenth century, and in this sense, it constitutes one dimension of the culture and ideology of the modern capitalist world. European culture was reconstructed during the Enlightenment on mythical foundations, mainly on the assumption that history is following a progressive path.

Counter Claim:

There is space for Eurocentrism in a multicultural enterprise so long as it does not parade as universal. No one wants to banish the Eurocentric view. It is a valid view of reality where it does not force its way. Afrocentricity does not seek to replace Eurocentricity in its arrogant disregard for other cultures.

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