Natural resource depletion due to high-level consumption

Other Names:
Excessive environmental demand per capita
Lifestyle overdemand on resources
Disproportionate environmental damage by rich

As world population increases and incomes rise, the growing demand for goods and services results in greater derived demands for non-renewable natural resources. Not only is agricultural land used more intensively and extensively, but mineral resources (including liquid resources, such as water and petroleum, and gaseous resources, such as natural gas) are used more intensively. The extraction of land resources and their transformation into products reduce the concentrations of these resources in the earth's crust, making it more and more difficult to obtain them.


India and China each grow at the rate of 17 million people plus per year but together account for only 13 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide, whereas the USA with only 2.6 million new people a year produces 52 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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