Excessive rainfall

Other Names:
Unseasonable rains
Torrential rain

Rain-storms can cause flooding, land and mud slides, structural damage to building and public works and damage to crops.


In August 1989, over 750 people died and 2,000 people were missing in fierce rain-storms that lashed several parts of India. In the state of Maharashtra, over 500 people were reported killed in flash floods, collapsing houses, land-slides and electrical accidents caused by incessant rain. Over 1,000 fisherman were caught in storms on the Arabian Sea were among those reported missing.

Unseasonable rains, along with Typhoon Janis, dumped almost 63 centimeters of rain on parts of South Korea, submerging 28,000 hectares of farmland and killing at least 41 people in 1995.

Broader Problems:
Inhospitable climate
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Absence of direct sunlight
Das, P K: Monsoons
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GOAL 13: Climate Action
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E: Emanations of other problems
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