human value


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Related Problems:
Ungovernable countries
Crop failures
Metal failure
Inaction on problems
Ground failures
Fear of failure
Inadequate rainfall
Personal failure
Business bankruptcy
Educational wastage
Economic inefficiency
Structural failure
Mechanical failure
Diseases of the respiratory system
Failure of materials
Symbol system failure
Inadequacy of contraceptive methods
Dying intestate
Disobedience of elders
Lack of care
Inadequacy of formal education
Lack of political will
Lack of response to monetary incentives
Indifference to suffering
Counterproductive eco-labelling
Electronic equipment failure
Inadequate mobilization of resources
Refusal to admit error
Underuse of cervical smear tests
Failure of development policies
Conceptual repression of problems
Failure of remedial action plans
Inadequate emergency services
Disastrous technological failures
Pathological lying
Failure of development programmes
Lack of gene banks
Spiritual disobedience
Compromise as a betrayal of principles
Ill effects of educational failure
Failure of motivating socio-dramas
Unsafe sex
Failure to capitalize on inventions
Son-less families
Failure of ethical investment funds
Inadequate objectivity of institutions
Loss of cultural heritage
Fragmented agricultural development
Government failure to meet commitments
Inadequate implementation of plans and programmes against problems
Failure of centrally planned economies
Unsustainable development
Failure of market-led economic recovery
Inadequacy of international standards
Structural failure of opposition groups
Failure to profit from patterns of history
Failure of government intelligence services
Failure to sacrifice any personal advantage
Structural failure of citizen participation
Failure to conceptualize large-scale problems
Inadequate economic policy-making
Failure of government to apologize for errors
Failure to distinguish between opinion and fact
Inadequate evidence to convict known offenders
Failure of disarmament and arms control efforts
Failure of the zoo as an educational institution
Preoccupation with isolated problems
Failure to recognize uniqueness of family members
Shortage of time for appropriate policy making
Structural failure of integrated rural development
Confusion of education with literacy
Failure to take account of externalities of systems
Failure to to observe contractual terms of payments
Government failure to prosecute offenders
Limited observance of multilateral trade agreements
Failure to adapt general initiatives to specific needs
Resistance to internationally agreed standards
Inadequate mobilization of public opinion for development
Inadequate international cooperation in reducing terrorism
Intergovernmental failure to fulfil financial commitments
Decline in civic participation
Failure of global-scale planning for expertise development
Faltering structural adjustment in the world economy
Inflexibility of commodity supply
Inadequate evaluation of surgical procedures
Lack of participation by local communities in democratic processes
Failure of public authorities to assist in financial investment
Failure to legally rehabilitate victims of miscarriage of justice
Developing country failure to exercise leverage on international bodies
Incompatibility of environmental and economic decision-making
Failure to relate application of ability to situational demands in vocational decisions
Failure to integrate knowledge to empower humanity in response to the global problematique
Bank failure
Prejudiced medical attitudes
Outdated databases
Failure to identify beneficiaries of programme initiatives
Dam failures
Failure to appear for trial after release
Insurance industry collapse
Electrical power failure
Small business failures
Silence about historical situations
Failure to schedule introduction of improved machinery
Failure to assist people in danger
Failure to notify the imprisonment or death in prison of foreign nationals
Denial of right to freedom from imprisonment for failure to fulfil a contractual agreement
Unpaid wages
Cardiac insufficiency
Failure of methods to appropriate data
Anti-satellite arms race
Failure to repatriate human remains
Ground failures due to liquefaction
Unemployment of educated older people
Factory closures
Failure to conform to international health standards
Disastrous failure of natural dams
Loss of medical accreditation
Failure of computer billing
Kidney disorders
Pathological gambling
Small bank failure
Failure to deliver mail
Shortage of military manpower
Defective municipal water delivery equipment
Failure to recognize God's plan
Failure to value suffering
Denial of right to minimum work age
Agalactia syndrome
Inadequate insurance against pregnancy
Failure to appear as witness to produce information or to be sworn
Parole violation
Failure in disease notification
Infant growth failure
Stigma of unemployment
Failure to employ skills of home-bound educated women
Acute renal failure
Failure of green politics
Human organ failure
Failed migration
Discrepancies between principles and practice
Unpredictable work schedule
Refusal of drug treatment
Government imposition of rural cooperative projects
Failure of global economic mechanisms in biodiversity conservation
Chronic renal failure
Heart failure
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values