Other Names:
Dependence on objectivity
Fraudulent distraction
Spurious objectivity

Objectivism is the mistaken belief that natural and social systems can be understood and acted on objectively, as if people are not part of the system they are understanding and changing.


Our standards of evidence, our current scientific theories, our philosophical, and scientific generalizations are all equally human productions, got up for certain practical, intellectual, emotional, cultural, moral purposes. Few philosophers of science nowadays believe man has a handle on objectivity, but many intellectuals persist in assuming a mechanical universe based on presumed objective results of science.

Counter Claim:

The world does not appear to mould itself in conformity with human hopes and dreams. In matters of health, of personal achievement, of interpersonal relations, and the like, what people are really convinced of does tend to come true. But even in those cases faith is frustrated more often than not by unyielding realities. The only faith that has proved profitable is to give up hope of magic and submit ourselves scrupulously to the hard laws of nature and govern our lives in accord with those laws, without any expectation of any yielding by nature.

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Debased values
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Being objective
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