human value


Other Names:
Managing coasts
Studying regional international relationships
Integrating employment, development and environmental concerns
Protesting lack of integration of environmental and economic issues
Studying social reform
Managing resources holistically
Developing policy for conservation of biodiversity
Forming transnational economy
Assessing costs and financing to ensure integrated and adequate provision of environmental infrastructure
Conducting on-farm research on integrated pest management technologies
Fostering regional international integration
Using integrated pest management
Adopting integrated approaches to sustainable development
Stimulating renewable resources management
Achieving functional cultural integration
Strengthening technical cooperation on integrated environmental accounting
Promoting integration of migrants
Enhancing political integration
Integrating population programmes in environment and development plans
Strengthening national institutions for integrated environmental accounting
Preparing national guidelines for coastal management
Enhancing international attitudinal integration
Achieving connective cultural integration
Developing integrated farm management technologies
Providing training about integrated environmental accounting
Improving data needed for integrated environmental accounting
Using integrated approaches to environmental infrastructure in informal settlements
Providing economic incentives
Implementing integrated coastal development plans
Supporting research on traditional and sustainable production methods
Training staff on integrated infrastructure services planning
Achieving configurational cultural integration
Undertaking pilot projects on integrated marine and coastal resource management
Adapting indigenous pest control knowledge
Improving integrated agricultural extension services
Teaching integrative science
Integrating energy management
Achieving logical cultural integration
Supporting integrated coastal zone management in developing countries
Strengthening integrated approaches to environmental infrastructure
Integrating international institutions
Assessing prospects for economic integration of agricultural resource activities
Improving institutions for transferring integrated pest management technologies
Ensuring sustainable development of coastal zones
Developing integrated educational programmes for peace, human rights and democracy
Researching integrated environmental infrastructure policies
Constructing integrated information system
Adopting planning approaches serving multiple goals
Integrating use of land resources
Developing national strategies for the integrated control of communicable diseases
Using ecosystem approach for marine resource management
Planning integrated food plant nutrient programmes
Demonstrating benefits of integrated pest management in agriculture
Integrating culture
Supporting national efforts on integrated management of marine and coastal areas
Providing public information on integrated plant nutrient programmes
Supporting traditional health care
Conducting a periodic review of United Nations system efforts to integrate environment and development
Adopting integrated policies for management of cities
Creating community
Constructing integrated systems
Integrating society through structural norms
Strengthening local institutions and partnerships for integrated infrastructure services
Employing the disabled
Supporting centres of excellence for integrated marine and coastal resource management
Achieving regulative cultural integration
Assessing progress made on integrated environmental accounting
Managing land
Providing training on integrated pest management techniques
Achieving stylistic cultural integration
Informing about integrated land resources management
Expanding integrated use of rural water supply infrastructure
Offering adequate integration
Preparing investment programmes for integrated water management
Taking an integrated approach to environmental protection in national laws
Increasing participation of children in integrated community management of resources
Expanding public participation in water resources planning
Training mountain communities in integrated environmental management
Making multiple use of water through integrated agro-livestock-fishery programmes
Educating for integrated island management
Using telematics for social integration
Using biological techniques for ecosystem management
Furthering integrated sciences
Advancing integral studies
Improving methodology for integrated environmental audits
Assessing national capabilities for integrated management of environment and development
Enabling integrated agenda processes
Establishing budgetary planning
Managing wetlands
Improving solid waste management
Improving solid waste management
Modernizing sanitary facilities
Designing integrated public buildings
Creating comprehensive drainage scheme
Establishing community resource centre
Constructing integrated road system
Instituting integrated forest management
Integrating social communities
Cooperating in industry
Regional planning
Identifying obstacles to conceptual integration in societal learning
Resisting traditional medicine
Democratizing national political systems
Ensuring sustainable agricultural development
Ensuring sustainable development of fresh waters
Reducing racial discrimination in education
Integrating human personality
Balancing distribution of the costs and benefits of economic integration
Improving integration of transport systems
Improving integration of ideology into society
Providing sufficient cultural integration
Abstaining from cultural integration
Providing sufficient integration in society
Abstaining from integrated society
Abstaining from integrated land management
Providing integrated pollution control
Abstaining from integrated pollution control
Abstaining from integrating solid waste management
Abstaining from marine resource management
Abstaining from energy resource management
Abstaining from management of biodiversity
Providing sufficient integration of transport systems among neighbouring developing countries
Abstaining from integration of transport systems among neighbouring developing countries
Fostering integrated maritime development
Developing integrated network
Integrating aquaculture with existing farming systems
Fostering integration of statistics
Developing integrated research
Conducting integrated environmental health risk assessments
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values