human value


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Related Problems:
Food insecurity
Psychological stress of urban environment
Inappropriate loans
Social insecurity
Economic insecurity
Insecure land tenure
Emotional insecurity
Insecurity of property
Insecurity of resources
Insecurity of leadership
Insecurity of employment
Environmental insecurity
International insecurity
Fear of personal insecurity
Insecurity of social events
Personal physical insecurity
Prevailing community insecurity
Vulnerability of land-locked countries
Vulnerable nuclear weapons arsenals
European insecurity and vulnerability
Military insecurity and vulnerability
National insecurity and vulnerability
Insecurity from future crop uncertainty
Vulnerability of small nations to foreign intervention
Physical insecurity of refugees and asylum-seekers
Insecurity and vulnerability of nuclear weapon states
Inappropriate foreign investment
Insecurity and vulnerability of non-nuclear weapon states
Dependence on family for social security
False sense of security
Cargo insecurity
Insecure lease tenure
Lack of a world food security system
Insufficient retirement funds
Insecurity of Western marriages
Secret government security vetting of job applicants
Denial of right to economic security
Prohibitive cost of business security
Denial of right to social security
Insecurity of mobile telephone communication
Commercialization of social security
Preoccupation with security structures
Crimes related to national security information
Inadequate security system
Lack of airport and travel security
Inadequate social security for migrants
Job insecurity for pregnant women
Denial of the right to social security in capitalist systems
Struggle for financial security in urban life style
Intimidation in educational institutions
Inadequate mechanisms for securing sufficient food supplies
Racial discrimination by security forces
Crimes against national security
Breakdown in community security systems
Denial of right to security
Offences against human security
Drug-related threats to national integrity
Denial of social security to nationals who have lived abroad
Increase in abandoned buildings
International police infiltration by criminals
Escape from official detention
Discriminatory financial security requirements
Insecurity of changing patterns of work
Intimidation of pedestrians by vehicles
Extrajudicial courts and tribunals
Exaggerated concern for national security
Security-based role programming
Untrained security personnel
Unequal coverage by social security
Loose school security
Lack of security for art loans to museums
Unfair social security entitlements
Seasonal malnutrition
Insecurity of part-time employment
Mishandling of national security information
Personal physical insecurity of women
Harbouring national security offenders
Security risk people
Denial of right to social welfare services for indigenous peoples
Water insecurity
Accessibility of toxic materials
Insecurity through unilateral structural disarmament
Coercion by security forces
Corruption in intelligence agencies
Armed crimes against national security
Loss of traditional forms of social security
Unsecured property loans
Terrorism targeted against tourists
Social insecurity of employees of insolvent institutions
Overemphasis on institutional security
Insufficient social security in the agricultural sector
Prohibitive cost of safety equipment
Aiding national security criminals
Obsolete defence planning
Enhancing personal security of old people
Improving social services for women
Safeguarding telecommunications security
Monitoring food security
Providing security
Improving job security
Accelerating transfer of biotechnology to increase food security in developing countries
Combining labour flexibility with economic security
Measuring human security
Providing social security for disabled persons
Maintaining global security
Researching bilateral relations of small states
Improving job security for women
Advocating global security
Reducing threats to human security
Strengthening safeguards on movement of nuclear-weapons grade materials
Reforming the United Nations Security Council
Increasing contribution of marine living resources to food security in developing countries
Enhancing security during social strife
Increasing security of land tenure
Developing national early warning systems for food
Creating drought preparedness programmes stressing food security
Enhancing global security through communication
Delegating international security responsibilities
Providing legal security of tenure for housing tenants
Protecting human intellect from environmental threats
Safeguarding digitized information security
Making safer cities
Recognising security issues in biodiversity conservation
Financing social security
Organizing regional council of nations
Researching global security issues
Providing social security services
Activating local security aides
Constructing accessible security facility
Establishing internal security agency
Furnishing age security
Assuring individual environmental security
Providing personal protection
Legalizing community rights to resource use
Developing early warning disaster systems
Strengthening cooperative security measures
Instituting effective domestic security
Questioning security of social structure
Stagnating in social security
Informing about security and conflict
Defining offences against the security of humanity
Focusing on security structures
Relaxing preoccupation with security structures
Assisting women refugees
Assisting women refugees
Taking security risks
Reducing security risks
Engaging in rivalry between security services
Suppressing information by security classification
Threatening national security
Threatening international peace and security
Reducing drug-related threats to national integrity
Reducing environmental threats to national security
Providing social security entitlements
Improving crop security
Withholding information on social security entitlements
Providing information on social security entitlements
Providing community security
Requiring financial security
Reducing cost of social security
Studying crimes against national security
Engaging in crimes against national security
Denying right to security
Denying right to social security
Denying right to economic security
Denying right to social security in capitalist systems
Using insecurity
Using economic insecurity
Using international insecurity
Protecting property
Reducing racial discrimination by security forces
Reducing financial security requirements
Erosion of social security
Monitoring contraceptive failure
Negotiating multilateral safeguard systems
Improving security system
Improving social protection of farmers
Seeking security
Seeking security
Reducing inequality of social security coverage
Preserving inequality of social security coverage
Inflating cost of social security
Protecting privacy
Providing unsecured lending
Providing economic security
Providing emotional security
Providing security of resources
Providing security of leadership
Providing environmental security
Providing security for social events
Providing personal physical security
Providing security for land-locked countries
Providing European security
Providing military security
Providing security from future crop uncertainty
Providing international security for small states
Providing security for nuclear weapon states
Providing national security
Providing sufficient security plans
Abstaining from security plans
Abstaining from emotional security
Abstaining from international security
Abstaining from social security for farmers
Abstaining from a world food security system
Preserving traditional forms of social security
Accumulating national security information
Researching social security
Providing for retired staff
Studying social security systems
Professionalizing security
Ensuring greater international security
Researching alternate security arrangements
Ensuring cultural security
Developing improved port security
Promoting alternative security
Developing financial security markets
Ensuring regional energy supply security
Promoting increased security in cable systems
Regionalizing security
Developing insurance industry security
Increasing energy security
Increasing postal security
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values