Providing social security for disabled persons

Ensuring income maintenance for the handicapped
States are responsible for the provision of social security and income maintenance for persons with disabilities. States should ensure the provision of adequate income support to persons with disabilities who, owing to disability or disability-related factors, have temporarily lost or received a reduction in their income or have been denied employment opportunities. States should ensure that the provision of support takes into account the costs frequently incurred by persons with disabilities and their families as a result of the disability. In countries where social security, social insurance or other social welfare schemes exist or are being developed for the general population, states should ensure that such systems do not exclude or discriminate against persons with disabilities. States should also ensure the provision of income support and social security protection to individuals who undertake the care of a person with a disability. Social security systems should include incentives to restore the income-earning capacity of persons with disabilities. Such systems should provide or contribute to the organization, development and financing of vocational training. They should also assist with placement services. Social security programmes should also provide incentives for persons with disabilities to seek employment in order to establish or re-establish their income-earning capacity. Income support should be maintained as long as the disabling conditions remain in a manner that does not discourage persons with disabilities from seeking employment. It should only be reduced or terminated when persons with disabilities achieve adequate and secure states, in countries where social security is to a large extent provided by the private sector, should encourage local communities, welfare organizations and families to develop self-help measures and incentives for employment or employment-related activities for persons with disabilities.
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G: Very Specific strategies
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