human value


Other Names:
Caring for the blind
Caring for handicapped children
Improving access to information for the handicapped
Organizing sporting events for the disabled
Providing access for the disabled to the physical environment
Providing social security for disabled persons
Promoting the collective organization of disabled persons
Providing support services for persons with disabilities
Strengthening community based rehabilitation for the handicapped in rural areas
Equalizing opportunities for persons with disabilities
Employing the disabled
Implementing web accessibility tools for the disabled
Involving the handicapped
Rehabilitating the handicapped
Developing handicap training
Promoting rights of the disabled
Reducing stigmatization of the handicapped
Supporting families of the physically handicapped
Reducing violence against the handicapped
Supporting physically disabled children
Providing protection for disabled during states of emergency
Reducing discrimination against the disabled
Exploiting mentally handicapped people
Assisting the mentally handicapped
Assisting visually handicapped persons
Assisting socially handicapped refugees
Assisting physically handicapped persons
Exploiting handicapped people
Protecting the handicapped
Assisting families of the physically or mentally handicapped
Accommodating the handicapped
Abstaining from protection of the handicapped during disasters
Employing handicapped people
Educating visually handicapped
Rehabilitating visually handicapped
Assisting handicapped people
Educating handicapped
Caring for the handicapped
Developing physical medicine
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values