Denial of the right to procreate to the severely mentally handicapped

Other Names:
Sterilization of the mentally disabled

The use of sterilization of mentally handicapped for what ever reason is a denial of a fundamental human right, the right to procreate.


In Austria in 1997, 70% of mentally handicapped were sterilized, and the practice continues. Australia sterilized more than 1000 retarded girls between 1992 and 1997 without the required court permission, a figure contradicted by the Australian health ministry. Now such sterilizations are illegal unless medically required. Swiss doctors sterilized mentally handicapped patients without their consent from 1928 until around 1977. The Swedish government sterilized 60,000 women, commonly against their will, between 1935 and 1976 on grounds of low intelligence, race, promiscuity or rebelliousness.

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