human value


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Related Problems:
Urban bias
Biased recall
Cultural discrimination
Political partisanship
Biased expertise
Unconscious bias
Ideological bias
Biased literature
Biased regulators
Photographic bias
Distorted media presentations
Bureaucratic bias
Discriminatory wage scales
Faulty academic peer review
Inequality before the law
Incorrect information
Unrealistic expectations
Unrepresentative electoral systems
Male bias of medicine
Reward biased research
Discrimination against women in religion
Discriminatory use of language
Unjust trials
Sexual discrimination in education
Obsession with novelty
Cultural bias in medicine
Culturally biased religion
Psychogenetic constraints on behaviour
Avoidance of negative feedback
Biased presentation of news
Bias in scientific research
Economic bias in development
Biased government information
Structural amnesia in institutional systems
Questionable facts
Misuse of statistics
Discriminatory design of information systems
Bias against private enterprise
Governmental bias in statistics
Unfair contests
Religious discrimination against women in priesthood
Economic bias of worker benefits
Government bias in wage bargaining
Emotionally-determined policy-making
Gender discrimination in developing countries
Neglect of victims of crime
Sexist discrimination in epistemology
Racial bias in children's literature
National bias in international action
Discrimination against women by the sciences
Biased allegations against governments
Biased and inaccurate biology textbooks
Biased and inaccurate history textbooks
Bias in document classification systems
Biased and inaccurate geography textbooks
Commercial exploitation of education
Bias in selection of political candidates
Flawed opposition arising from personal bias
Biased appointment of judges
Limitations of allopathy
Social bias in planning of training programmes
Bias in United Nations response to human rights
Parochial escapist media entertainment
National bias among judges of international athletic competitions
Opportunist bias in public discussion and research on development
Prejudiced medical attitudes
Sexual bias in the application of research results
Bias in jury trials
Biased media-image of foreign groups and peoples
Biased cultural tours
Cultural discrimination in the administration of justice
Predominance of certain ethnic groups in drug-related crime
Gender bias in raising children
Gender-biased language
Male bias of law
Domestic bias in the regulation of restrictive business practices
Female bias of medicine
Biased portrayal of women in mass media
Policy-making bias
Political bias in official appointments
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values