human value


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Related Problems:
Irresponsible soil management
Cruelty to animals
Abusive treatment of the aged
Maltreatment of prisoners
Maltreatment of civilians
Maltreatment of pet animals
Ill treatment of prisoners of war
Physical maltreatment of children
Misinformation concerning infringement of human rights
Arrest of trade union leaders
Exploitation of animals for amusement
Discrimination in access to sanitation services
Prejudiced medical attitudes
Unethical practices with domesticated animals
Legalized racial discrimination
Discrimination against minority languages
Cultural discrimination
Discrimination against mixed race children
Discrimination against women in payment and prizes for athletic events
Unequal property rights
Discrimination against prisoners' families
Discrimination against black working women
Gypsy persecution
Discrimination against homosexuals in the military
Discrimination against youth
Prohibitive cost of crop treatment
Credit discrimination
Discrimination against men in public services
Maltreatment of animals in aquaria
Discrimination against men
Discrimination against women in divorce rights
Political discrimination in the administration of justice
Refusal to accept treatment for mental illness
Delay in administration of medical care
Discrimination against married women
Discriminatory treatment of foreign prisoners
Statelessness of women
Torture of animals
Maltreatment of zoo animals
Maltreatment of marine show animals
Maltreatment of livestock
Flag discrimination in shipping
Exploitation of casual workers
Discrimination against men before the law
Discrimination against domestic servants
Ideological discrimination in politics
Discrimination against women at retirement age
Noise in the working environment
Discrimination against children
Racial discrimination in sport
Maltreatment of performing animals
Discrimination against women in parental rights
Discrimination against divorcees
Discrimination against physically disabled
Dialect discrimination
Discrimination against men in parental rights
Threatened habitats of wastewater treatment areas
Discrimination against men in employment
Aggressive medical treatment
Discrimination against minorities
Discrimination against transnational banks
Discrimination in politics
Discrimination against women before the law
Abuse of native peoples
Dehumanization of health care
Undignified treatment of corpses
Skin colour prejudice
Racial discrimination in employment
Discrimination against indigenous populations
Disproportionate allocation of resources to pet animals
Discrimination against unmarried women
Discrimination against women in banking
Discrimination against men in education
Language discrimination in politics
Violation of the rights of sexual minorities
Legalized discrimination
Discrimination against unmarried mothers
Cruel treatment of animals for research
Discrimination against LGBT people
Depriving prisoners of medical treatment
Discrimination against men in sports
Irrational conscientious refusal of medical intervention
Maltreatment of animals for the media
Discrimination against women in the legal profession
Maltreatment of prisoners by fellow inmates
Abusive treatment of patients in psychiatric hospitals
Discrimination against unmarried fathers
Inadequate waste incineration
Adverse effect of radioactive medical treatment
Discrimination against foreigners in legal proceedings
Discriminatory treatment of women offenders
Racial discrimination in public services
Inadequate housing among indigenous peoples
Misuse of animals for toxicological experiments
Discrimination in employment against immigrant workers
Discrimination against intellectual disability
Refusal to provide medical treatment
Discrimination against women in sports
Refusal of drug treatment
Maltreatment of animals in aggression experiments
Class discrimination in education
Discrimination in the employment of women with family responsibilities
Discrimination against working mothers
Inadequate waste treatment
Discrimination against people of abnormal size
Improving social services for women
Incinerating wastes
Resisting domestic violence
Assisting children with AIDS
Researching respiratory distress syndrome
Ensuring environmentally sound waste processing
Building sewage treatment facilities
Using root zone wastewater treatment
Ensuring primary treatment of municipal sewage discharged to rivers and seas
Providing environmental infrastructure for human settlements
Undertaking environmentally sound co-treatment of compatible effluents
Educating about diarrhoeal diseases
Providing access to treatment for acute respiratory infections
Improving sewage treatment technology
Establishing hazardous waste treatment centres
Increasing urban water treatment capacity
Strengthening national capacity for safe treatment and disposal of waste
Developing biotechnology for waste treatment
Adopting appropriate water treatment technology
Ensuring military applies environmental norms for hazardous waste treatment
Developing surface treatment industry
Adopting sustainable sanitation policy
Researching childhood cancer
Treating waste by incineration
Planning and constructing of new waste treatment facilities
Training in pollution control, waste treatment and disposal technologies
Treating with sex hormones
Forgoing aggressive medical treatment
Facilitating transfer of industrial waste treatment technology
Ensuring full cost recovery from waste generators
Improving operation and maintenance of waste treatment facilities
Combining treatment/disposal facilities for hazardous waste in small and medium-sized enterprises
Learning medical treatment skills
Ensuring expert treatment access
Avoiding unnecessary medical treatment
Ensuring skilled medical treatment
Arranging necessary medical treatment
Treating wastes
Ensuring safe management of radioactive wastes
Improving hazardous waste management
Ensuring comprehensive treatment follow-up
Installing waste treatment systems
Providing health services
Recycling water
Refusing to provide medical treatment
Insisting on medical treatment
Reducing housing prejudice
Exposing scandalous treatment of tribal people
Covering-up scandalous treatment of tribal people
Raising standards of waste treatment
Providing fair treatment to the young
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Taking medical drugs
Treating alcoholism
Improving acoustical treatment in workplaces
Refusing medical intervention
Raising issues of animal welfare
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values