Exploitation of animals for amusement

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Other Names:
Maltreatment of animals for entertainment

In addition to the exploitation of animals in cruel sports, zoos, menageries and circuses are increasing in number as more people with few qualifications enter the business of displaying exotic animals. Animals may be confined for long periods in small cages. They may have untreated wounds, exhibit neurotic symptoms, or be chained. Animals ranging from mice to dogs may be fed alive to carnivores. The animals may be improperly fed, mixed with others when they are naturally solitary, or deprived of any means of distraction (in the case of primates in particular).


The use of animals for entertainment involves their forced captivity, degradation, depersonalization, stress and suffering. They are deprived of their natural habitats, isolated from their normal social environment, prevented from fulfilling their reproductive cycles, and required to adapt to human vagaries and abuses.


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D: Detailed problems
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GOAL 15: Life on Land
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