human value


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Related Problems:
Limited available land
Inadequate public transportation
Inadequate public transportation
Ineffective systems of practical education
Inadequate infrastructure
Lack of information
Inaccessible public records
Unavailability of farming land
Diminishing capital investment in small communities
Discrimination in employment
Lack of funds for education
Lack of local commercial services
Inadequate agricultural capital
Inadequate safeguards against fire
Lack of specialized technology
Youth unemployment
Insufficient educational material
Biased expertise
Unavailability of appropriate expertise
Inadequacy of agricultural education
Unequal opportunity for vocational training
Ineffective functional training
Economically disadvantaged students
Unavailability of effective motivational techniques
Limited availability of permanent employment in inner-cities
Undetermined availability of capital
Unpublicized resource opportunities
Limited availability of public services in small towns
Unavailability of topographical data
Unavailability of appropriate building
Unavailability of local facilities
Unavailability of pumps
Unavailability of agricultural information
Unavailability of trainee employment
Unavailability of first aid
Inadequate emergency blood supplies
Limited availability of transport funding
Unavailable stocks of blood
Limited availability of cross-breeding techniques
Limited availability of education in rural areas
Unavailability of beer technology
Unavailability of library facilities
Limited availability of functional information
Unavailability of legal information
Unavailable road machinery
Unavailability of building materials
Insufficient apprenticeship opportunities
Worldwide misallocation of resources
Unavailability of timber resources
Unavailability of timber resources
Limited availability of learning opportunities
Inaccessible commercial and financial services
Unavailable stocks of rare blood types
Unavailability of casual jobs
Limited availability of therapeutic substances of human origin
Unavailable public buildings
Unavailability of funding information
Unavailability of contraceptives
Limited availability of health resources
Inaccessibility of insurance
Limited construction manpower
Unavailability of local dentists
Unavailability of replacement parts for agricultural machinery
Lack of vocational teachers
Unavailability of trained teachers in rural areas
Unavailability of community centres
Unavailability of quality medicine
Unavailability of heater installers
Unavailability of construction equipment
Limited availability of investment capital for urban renewal
Unavailability of scholarship funds for developing country students
Unavailability of literacy classes
Restricted availability of temporary employment
Unavailability of local directories
Insufficient doctors
Unavailability of construction plans
Insufficient medical supplies
Unavailability of building sites
Unavailable preschool transport
Excessive availability of contraceptives
Excessive availability of contraceptives
Prohibitive cost of capital equipment
Inequality of employment opportunity
Confining availability of materials
Improving availability of agricultural inputs
Increasing availability of plant materials for afforestation
Increasing availability from biotechnology of materials for improving health
Increasing availability of renewable basic materials
Increasing accessibility of resources for biotechnology
Monitoring implementation of Agenda 21 in respect of availability of financial resources
Reconciling urban planning with availability of water resources
Limiting availability
Increasing availability of low-cost sanitation options
Stabilizing availability
Guaranteeing availability of cash
Controlling availability of arms
Broadening basic product availability
Extending public transport availability to less-populated areas
Expanding needed goods availability
Limiting information availability
Expanding working capital availability
Developing presently unusable farming land
Providing motivational methodologies
Supplying public information
Supplying public information
Ensuring availability of basic reserves
Limiting resource availability by disrupting natural systems
Ensuring adequate life education
Accelerating essential capital availability
Regulating economic output in response to market values
Regulating job availability through resource availability
Refining mode of access to natural resources
Restricting labour availability through social attitudes
Providing information on labour availability
Regulating economic resource availability
Quickening engagement availability
Establishing scholarship loan fund
Creating youth employment
Universalizing employment availability
Recognizing availability of services
Increasing access to technical expertise in remote communities
Restricting availability of community space
Restricting development through availability of capital
Increasing amount of cultivable land
Increasing amount of food
Limiting availability of terrorist weapons
Increasing availability of trams
Increasing availability of commercial sites
Increasing availability of public facilities
Increasing availability of timely data
Increasing availability of public information
Restricting availability of local business capital
Increasing availability of training costs
Increasing availability of local services
Increasing availability of modern equipment
Increasing availability of learning resources
Increasing availability of impartial expertise
Increasing availability of agricultural training
Limiting availability of land
Limiting availability of public transport
Limiting availability of commercial sites
Limiting availability of public facilities
Limiting availability of data
Limiting availability of public information
Limiting availability of training
Limiting availability of local services
Limiting availability of farming capital
Limiting availability of modern equipment
Limiting availability of expertise
Limiting availability of education
Developing adult retraining schemes
Creating long-range, world-wide capital flow plan
Increasing available land
Stabilizing availability of work
Stabilizing availability of food
Blocking availability of knowledge
Improving safeguards against fire
Reducing inequality of access to food
Increasing availability of goods
Producing agricultural equipment
Providing sufficient expert knowledge
Providing sufficient agricultural capital
Providing sufficient local commercial services
Providing sufficient skilled manpower in rural areas
Providing sufficient relevant education in rural communities
Limiting availability of loans
Limiting availability of commodities
Limiting availability of health resources
Limiting availability of long-term capital
Limiting availability of functional information
Limiting availability of learning opportunities
Limiting availability of education in the country
Limiting availability of education in the country
Limiting availability of public services in the small towns
Limiting availability of investment capital for urban renewal
Limiting availability of therapeutic substances of human origin
Limiting availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Limiting availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Limiting availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Freeing up availability of commodities
Freeing up availability of health resources
Freeing up availability of local business capital
Freeing up availability of functional information
Freeing up availability of learning opportunities
Freeing up availability of public services in small towns
Freeing up availability of public services in small towns
Increasing availability of therapeutic substances of human origin
Improving availability of information
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values