Limited availability of learning opportunities

Experimental visualization of narrower problems
Other Names:
Limited availability of learning structures
Insufficient technological adaptation
Insufficient learning opportunities
The relative isolation of the individual from major changes in his own country and the world restricts automatic exposure to new experiences. There are few sources of outside news, nor do new visitors pass through often. Although there is an increasing number of people in formal or trade education, educational systems are mainly limited to formal primary curriculum, apprenticeships, and some educational broadcasts on the radio. A large number of adults are illiterate, having been forced to leave school by their families in order to work; often the formal education they have received is inappropriate. Adults and children alike find the time between starting school and leaving to get a job too long if home responsibilities must also be fulfilled.
Broader Problems:
Obstacles to education
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Problem Type:
F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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